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I really don't like my wedding dress - help me find something else, please. :(

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Karbea Mon 25-Apr-11 09:35:14


I'm getting married in less than two weeks time :D to my lovely gorgeous fiancé.

It's the 2nd time for both of us and we are having a registry office service and then onto a friends gastro pub for the do.

I really struggled with what to wear and ended up getting a candy Anthony 1950s dress. Now it's made, I really don't like it, well actually I just think its wrong, and I think it's going to make me look like a cute little girl, and I want to look like a stylish woman.
I'm only 5ft tall, but I'm 37. My fiancé will look gorgeous in a suit from Richard James he had made.
I didn't sleep at all last night looking at off the peg options. But I'm so confused. I've gorgeous bright blue louboutin shoes so needs to go with them. And I guess can't be long as no time for any alterations.

Zthank you so much, please help me x x

sparkle1977 Mon 25-Apr-11 09:49:17

What about trying nice dress shops like Coast ? Monsoon maybe ? Phase Eight ?

VerityBrulee Mon 25-Apr-11 09:50:37

That's awful, you can't get married in a dress you don't like.

What shade of blue are the shoes, can you link? What's your budget?
What's your colouring?

Don't worry, we'll find you something gorgeous smile

slovenlydotcom Mon 25-Apr-11 09:50:41

can you go to a shop that has a personal shopper-quickest way to try loads of stuff on

KristinaM Mon 25-Apr-11 09:52:44

Is it the shape /fit of the dress you have that you dislike or the colours?

What colours suit you? Do you want pastel bridal colours or not?

What's your body shape? Best features? Any bits you want to hide?


KristinaM Mon 25-Apr-11 09:54:38

Sorry x posted with verity

See, there are lots of mumsnetters here and we will do our best to help yousmile

And if you get something off the peg there are plenty local dressmakers who can do alternations within a week

So don't worry!

KristinaM Mon 25-Apr-11 09:56:23

You can start by searching through all the style and beauty posts about wedding /christening dresses and check out the styles and websites suggested.

VerityBrulee Mon 25-Apr-11 09:58:52

DVF maybe not this colour with your shoes, but do you like this style?

blue DVF


VerityBrulee Mon 25-Apr-11 10:09:18


pale pink


RamekinSkywalker Mon 25-Apr-11 10:12:16

Sapphire Maxi Dress

TeamLemon Mon 25-Apr-11 10:13:27

You had a Candy Anthony dress made and then decided you didn't like it?!? Wow.

RamekinSkywalker Mon 25-Apr-11 10:13:49

Champagne Lace Dress

Karbea Mon 25-Apr-11 10:15:19


Thank you!

My shoes are :

in this colour

I'm blond, I guess autumn colouring, size 8. I guess i do look young for my age, but I don't want to look cute. I want to look like a woman going into a marriage for keeps, if you know what I mean.

Budget... Well I guess no more than £600, i've already spent £2k on something I don't want to wear

RamekinSkywalker Mon 25-Apr-11 10:15:38

I have no idea what a Candy Anthony dress is. Off to google.

GastonTheLadybird Mon 25-Apr-11 10:16:57

Lace shift dress?

GastonTheLadybird Mon 25-Apr-11 10:20:19

Is there absolutely no way you can accessorise the original dress to make it seem more grown up? Or dye it? I love Candy Anthony dresses, don't think they look little girly at all.

RamekinSkywalker Mon 25-Apr-11 10:20:21

Why don't you post a photo of you wearing the dress you have.
This might be just nerves you know. I did the same thing a couple of weeks before my wedding. I had my dress made in a beautiful green, then two weeks before I panicked and wondered what the hell i had been thinking. Somebody said to me that I will have made a better decision months before the wedding when the pressure was off than i could make two weeks before. They were right.
I bet the dress you have is fab.

Karbea Mon 25-Apr-11 10:20:31

Yes teamlemon I did, I know, I feel bad. In the last fitting I just felt really dissapointed and the feeling has just been building up and up. I've had my makeup and hair trials now, and the look great... it's just the dress I feel dreadful and wasteful. Maybe I should just grin and bear it. Oh I don't know

Do you think I should go with a colour?

Fiance is in a light grey.

What do you think of this

DreamsInBinary Mon 25-Apr-11 10:21:19

If I were a) size 8 and b) to get married again I would choose either the novella dress or the cuba dress here

Good luck, and have a wonderful wedding.

Karbea Mon 25-Apr-11 10:22:19

Gaston I'm not sure I could dye it!
But maybe accessorise it?

I've a picture on my phone... how can I show you that? SOrry not very technical.

The dress is at a friends now, and he is on hols, so can't take another picture.

DuplicitousBitch Mon 25-Apr-11 10:23:53

i bet the original dress is lovely. just stick with it.

hellsbelles Mon 25-Apr-11 10:24:05

£600 should get you something pretty wonderful. I love Verity's links. Are you completely anti white/cream or is that an option?

VerityBrulee Mon 25-Apr-11 10:25:14

What exactly is it about your dress you don't like? Could you post a picture? A few tweaks or accessory changes might make you love it.

I had bought a beautiful grecian style dress for my wedding, but by the time the big day came I was 16 weeks pg and it wouldn't fit over my boobs. I ended up wearing a dress I already had. I still had a lovely day.

katz Mon 25-Apr-11 10:25:51

karbea - you can upload pics to your profile on here and then make it public

hellsbelles Mon 25-Apr-11 10:26:11

oops - just clicked on your link and see that white is an option!

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