Late 40s, menopausal and fading

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Swedes2 Thu 21-Apr-11 13:27:47

I haven't as yet submitted to the full beard and elasticated waistband trousers. But heck, it's hard isn't it? I absolutely love clothes, make-up, and all that shit.... but I am becoming more and more interested in my garden (not a euph). Last night I went to the garage to buy milk in my gardening clothes.

Anyone else going through the same thing? Have you any tips you can share?

Ashbury Thu 21-Apr-11 15:17:33

I'm 43, and the best day out I've had in ages was at the garden centre! One of things I've loved as I've got older is not caring so much about my appearance. Having said that, it's always good to keep yer hand in (definitely not a euph.!). I over-hauled my make up bag recently - having decided that the make up routine needed up-dating (having had the same one since my twenties). I also got a few new products to try. I suppose it's about getting the balance right, and you're definitely not alone on this one.

Swedes2 Thu 21-Apr-11 16:25:31

Ashbury - Thanks. I'm glad it's not just me. I am always angling for excuses to disappear to proper garden centres. Good idea about the make-up overhaul. I think I'll start with that.

teahouse Thu 21-Apr-11 19:26:50

I'm 45 and still love clothes. I've never been into make-up and my hair is always untidy, but I have a huge collection of shoes and at least half the week, wear heels. I'm more concerned about my looks now than I ever have been but do intend to age gracefully.

I've been on HRT since I was 40, and refuse to fade.

chipstick10 Thu 21-Apr-11 19:47:04

I am constantly concerned about how awful i look. I wish i didnt care but i do. My hands give the game away, they are shocking. I would scare the neighbourhood children if i left the house without make up, and so my make up routine is more important now then it ever was in my yoof. I spend more now on clothes then i would ever have contemplated back in the day. And no grey hair is ever on show. I would love to just give in to my fate but it aint happening.

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 19:52:35

No. I am 49. I am losing my looks. Yep. Shit it is.
But I love clothes and fashion. I have had four people in the last week ask me where I got something I was wearing or compliment my clothes. I just had to change what I wear, how I wear it. It has become about feeling good, feeling stylish , rather than gorgeous,pretty, sexy blah blah blah.

If you want to embrace the garden nothing wrong with that. But if it is because you feel you have given up then don't.
Have fun how you want.
I hate the idea that our options contract as we age. I resist that.

Swedes2 Thu 21-Apr-11 21:02:46

I do love my garden, but I don't feel ready to become one of those ladies who disappears to her garden age 48, never to return, Sort of thing.

Teahouse - how much difference do you think the HRT makes? I've thought for a while I might need some hormones.

Chipstick - interesting about the make up and resistance to grey hair. I don't feel ready for grey hair either and spend quite a bit of money on my colourist.

Pagwatch - yes you've hit the nail on the head about the change from pretty/gorgeous etc to stylish. It's all such a change.

I'm determined not to become totally invisible: the old lady in the garden.

c0rns1lk Thu 21-Apr-11 21:06:35

I love my garden since turning 40 as well! Still love clothes and make up. Buy more carefully than I did in my youthful days when size 10 always fitted. How do you get HRT?

noddyholder Thu 21-Apr-11 21:07:27

Very difficult to accept that change esp when some of it happens literally overnight

c0rns1lk Thu 21-Apr-11 21:10:59

It does doesn't it Noddy? Quite bizarre

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 21:14:01

I have found that progesterone cream has made a huge difference to how I feel.
And I do get sad when I look in the mirror and see an old woman.
But it is better than the alternative.

Just been away and there were a lot of trophy wives where we were staying. I did ponder with dh the botox, breast implant, face lift, veneer, filler refurbishment. But had a nice supper and got a bit pissed and decided life ain't so bad a bit droopy grin

noddyholder Thu 21-Apr-11 21:14:14

What is it? I just don't get it. I went out to a concert with dp about 4 weeks ago and even if I say so myself I looked really nice but it feels like that was the last time and I just have looked terrible since Am going to give myself a fake tan later and an early night to try and give myself a boost.

c0rns1lk Thu 21-Apr-11 21:14:53

what's progesterone cream?

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 21:15:06

Yy to overnight subsidence being hard to take.

chipstick10 Thu 21-Apr-11 21:15:59

Had an induced menopause at the age of 37. Was put on hrt straight away and remained on it until 2 yrs ago when i had to come off it as it was causing my endemetriosis to grow again. I miss it in a way but not as much as i thought i would iykwim.

teahouse Thu 21-Apr-11 21:16:51

HRT - I love it. My menopause started when I was 39.5 and it took about 6 months for the GP to diagnose me properly because I was so young. I had 3 youngish kids so not being able to sleep at night, look after my kids (I'm a single mum), and do a very demanding full-time job was insane.

The GP told me all the risks of HRT but the advantages for me outweight the risks; no worry about oesteoporosis (good for me as I'm lactose in tolerant), no hot flushes, a good night's sleep, decreased risk of cervical cancer (although increased risk for breast cancer), and no loss of energy.

It's not for everyone I know and I do realise their are herbal alternatives, but I wouldn't be without it, and sailed through my 5 year check up - will take a lot to make me give them up.

c0rns1lk Thu 21-Apr-11 21:17:52

so I just ask GP? How can you prove you're menopausal though?

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 21:19:02

It is advertised on here sometimes. Natural progesterone cream by serenity.
It was suggested by my gp mate as my mum and sister had hideous menopause issues and hrt etc made them sister with oestrogen dominant breast cancer. I wanted something less ...medical.
Anyway. I read up on it and it made sense to try it and it helps me enormously. As does drinking less

pinkytheshrinky Thu 21-Apr-11 21:19:20

I am 41 and a small baby but really the lady in the mirror is an oldie - I do make a massive effort to dress up and wear make up most days and high heels - I am resisting the garden. Tell more about progesterone cream please......

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 21:43:21

If you google progesterone cream, especially the wellsprings site, there is quite a lot if info about balancing hormones etc.
I can't link very easily via iPad as I am a twit.
But if you read and are interested then you can chat with your gp (as I did) and see if it is worth trying. It works for me and I feel more comfortable using it be use of family cancer, and especially breast cancer, history

Swedes2 Thu 21-Apr-11 21:45:24

I think I'm going to make an appointment with that Studd guy. at least he knows what he's doing and will get me dosed up with the right shit. grin

Do I need my GP to refer me? Or can I just make an appt?

Swedes2 Thu 21-Apr-11 21:46:25

Pag - I'm confused because I thought it was Oestrogen I needed, not progesterone? <<useless>>

noddyholder Thu 21-Apr-11 21:46:51

Where do you put the cream?

Pagwatch Thu 21-Apr-11 21:57:25

grin on your arse noddy.

I would have to read all the stuff again but (from memory) the progesterone helps the body balance and manage the depleting oestrogen. Hrt etc seek to top up oestrogen without dealing with progesterone levels. Which is fine for some. But if oestrogen is potentially already a problem it can make matters worse.
It is a low level so I may need to look at it again further down the line but currently it suits me.

I think that is right. But I will have to dig it out and re read -as I am a bear of small brain--

noddyholder Thu 21-Apr-11 21:58:13

grin It couldn't do it any harm!

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