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How do you machine wash Converse?

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tulpe Thu 14-Apr-11 13:55:29

Just found a pair of Converse in the back of DS1's wardrobe which still fit him despite being bought last summer (result!)

They are a tad dirty though......could some kind soul please tell me how to wash them? ie detergent & conditioner or just detergent and what temp/cycle.


SingingSands Thu 14-Apr-11 14:00:35

DH chucked his in with detergent only at 40degrees on a quick wash and they came out fine.

SardineJam Thu 14-Apr-11 14:00:36

I put ds and dp's converse in on the normal wash cycle and they came out beautifully - and the white bits were white white white grin

EdwardorEricCantDecide Thu 14-Apr-11 14:03:13

I usually tie shoes up in a pillowcase and put in with some towels to prevent damage to machine drum
But 40degrees with normal detergent is fine

BikeRunSki Thu 14-Apr-11 14:03:17

I put mine in a pillow case first.

tulpe Thu 14-Apr-11 14:17:29

Brilliant! Thanks all. 40 degrees and inside a pillowslip it is then

tulpe Thu 14-Apr-11 15:25:19

Have just washed first pair and they have come up amazingly clean!

Thanks again

BreadmakerFan Thu 18-Jun-15 16:58:10

I just searched on google and this came up. White converse currently in the washer with. Possibly too much detergent. Oops. Will report back...

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