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Botox in London

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otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 13:54:49

I am treating myself to botox post birth. Not (yawn, yeah I know) to look younger, as I'm more or less happy with how I've aged, but to help iron out the two glabella creases in my brow that make me look permanently cross. I am permanently cross, but that's another matter ;)

I've been abroad for a few years so have lost touch and have some friends in fashion and makeup but what they want is more extreme.

I need someone who understands the muscle structure so won't put it where it can cause unintended droopage elsewhere.

I know there are some household names, but where have you gone and were you impressed?

Ginabraz Mon 11-Apr-11 15:46:13

Good for you!

My friends go to and they all look great. I've used them for other treatments and they are very professional.

I tried botox once, about one year ago and went to

It was done by Dr Haq and he was very good and the results were very good and it lasted a good 5 months. Their prices are very good and worth a try. I'll be booking another session for myself there soon.

moragbellingham Mon 11-Apr-11 15:52:39

Prof Peter Butler at The London Plastic Surgery Associates at 30 Devonshire Place.
He's not cheap - but as he's been ready to do face transplants for donkey's years I think you need to pay for excellence! I would have any of the other surgeons there too.

I would go back but pregnancy etc. stopped me from having more.

cabbageroses Mon 11-Apr-11 15:59:45

Dr Tracy Mountford- harley St- her main clinic is in Bucks, but she does Hs every 2 weeks. She is lovely and been doing it for 20 yrs. shehas a high media profile and is well though of. i have used her for fillers.

Not cheap eitehr but she will advise- you might not need Botox- there are lots of other fillers.

google Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Karbea Mon 11-Apr-11 16:08:55

I've used these people they were ace.

BelieveInLife Mon 11-Apr-11 19:06:29

I second Gina's recommendation for Medicetics. Ask for Dr Vicky Dondos, she's very very good.

foxinthewoods Mon 11-Apr-11 19:11:23

David Cassidy on the one show might know!

otchayaniye Mon 11-Apr-11 19:46:46

Thank you, this is really helpful.

Aestheticnursekafxceltrend Tue 28-Mar-17 23:28:02

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kathrynJanes1234 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:59:24

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