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What order do I put SPF, serum, moisturiser and foundation on?

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hellamallella Sat 09-Apr-11 17:14:57

Have just changed to doublewear light which only has a spf of 10 so I want to use an additional suncream on my face.

What order do I need to put on all the above potions??!!


catinboots Sat 09-Apr-11 17:46:45

I would personally:


stillbroody Sat 09-Apr-11 17:56:39

Make up
That's how I do it, might be doing it wrong though
Moisturiser is supposed to sink into your skin and sun cream is supposed to sit on top and reflect the light, iirc.

cabbageroses Sat 09-Apr-11 18:13:29

yes- as above.

MillsAndDoom Sat 09-Apr-11 18:16:33

Oh God so confusing

miche8 Sat 09-Apr-11 18:47:44

i serum, moisturise, spf then makeup.

JackieNo Sat 09-Apr-11 18:50:38

Serum definitely first, then moisturise. I think technically the spf should be the last thing to go on, but I'd probably do it the other way, just because otherwise I'd be quite shiny.

Rindercella Sat 09-Apr-11 18:55:53


Can't think what other way you would do it.

Am the world's biggest fan of Doublewear. It's fab.

Celery Sat 09-Apr-11 19:04:54

I skip the serum during the day ( wear it at night ).

And if you can find yourself a moisturiser that contains a high spf, then that's two stages down.

I have oily skin, so don't use a moisturiser during the day, but a primer with a high spf instead. Then make up on top.

I do all my skin care stuff, moisturising, serum, eye cream at night.

lololizzy Sat 09-Apr-11 19:06:16

serum before moisturiser is one rule i always stick to

hellamallella Sat 09-Apr-11 20:28:41

great - thanks all

Celery - what primer do you use? I am oily/combination and have started using la roche posay which I really rate - it has performed miracles on my skin - pores are looking much smaller and the moisturiser seems to give a primer like finish on my skin.

I'm tempted to switch from the estee lauder idealist serum to the roche posay one as its considerably cheaper.

melodyangel Sat 09-Apr-11 20:33:53

Ok I know I sound totally dumb but what the hell is serum and primer?

Celery Sat 09-Apr-11 20:43:22

hellamallella, I use MAC spf 50 primer every day, which gives my skin just enough moisture, smoothes it all out, minimises pores etc, and keeps my skin fairly matte, and my foundation on ( without it foundation tends to slide off in an oily mess after a few hours, and I look very shiney! )

I have recently tried the La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 lotion, which someone recommended as an alternative to the MAC primer. I do like it, and whilst it's a really good facial spf lotion, I don't think it works quite as well as the MAC one, as a primer. Or at least, for me, it doesn't keep my face oil free, for as long.

beijingaling Sat 09-Apr-11 21:19:00

Chemical SPF must go on clean skin without a barrier (of another product) between them.

Here's why

Pinkflipflop Sat 09-Apr-11 21:19:54

Use SPF first, then wait for it to dry and add moisturiser.

I use Ultrasun anti ageing for face, SPF 30 and there is no need to moisturise on top and it also acts as a primer.

I use to use Gatineau and Elemis and find Ultrasun much better BTW!!

polyhymnia Sun 10-Apr-11 00:46:24

SPF - preferably combined with tinted moisturiser which acts as all the foundation you need in summer. Don't usually bother with primer either in summer.

wendihouse22 Sun 10-Apr-11 11:13:58

Serum before moisturiser for sure....

Then moisturiser with high SPF. Foundation atop that.

Have given up foundation for a lighter look in the summer. Using Estee Lauder Sheer Tint SPF15 and bronzer/blush.

I love the Double Wear Light though, too!

hellamallella Sun 10-Apr-11 11:51:02

I have heard good things about teh mac primer - perhaps that could be my all in one catch all - I was going to use the roche posay spf - then I could drop the moisturiser and go straight to foundation.
Then slather on the serum at night...

melody - my understanding of the difference between a primer and serum is that the serum helps deal with any problem points - ie anti-aging/oily skin etc whilst the primer helps to give a smooth finish to the skin ready for applying foundation - I may well be completely wrong

granarybeck Sun 10-Apr-11 22:01:27

So, with foundation on last how do you reapply face sun cream later in the day? On holiday I'd usually just skip foundation but for other times not sure what's best

Jajas Sun 10-Apr-11 22:03:59

Which serum are you all using please <desperate grin>?

Celery Sun 10-Apr-11 23:01:40

I use a mineral powder SPF by Peter Roth Thomas, to dust over my face, over my make up, throughout the day. It comes in a handy container with a built in brush, and is SPF 30. Lisa Eldridge recommended it on one of her youtube videos, it's fab.

Celery Sun 10-Apr-11 23:04:18

Tip for the MAC spf primer: the packaging is rubbish. Once I've squeezed out all I can squeeze, I cut the bottom off the tube, and decant the rest into a little pot. There is always loads more left in the tube than you can actually squeeze out. I really hope they change the packaging, because it is a holy grail product for me. God forbid they ever discontinue it.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 10-Apr-11 23:58:18

Is serum the same as primer? I use MAC primer but have heard good things about Estee Lauder pore minimising serum - is this somethign I'd use as well as the primer or instead of?

I do moisturiser (with spf), primer, foundation.

granarybeck Mon 11-Apr-11 14:10:31

Thanks celery, that sounds a good solution. I have quite dry skin so don't usually use mineral make up but on top of all the other layers with moisture in should be fine!

melodyangel Fri 15-Apr-11 10:11:42

hellamallella - thank you.

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