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Akamuti orange cleanser recommendation -thank you!

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beijingaling Wed 06-Apr-11 15:52:28

Whoever suggested akamuti for their orange cleanser on the thread where I asked for eve lom alternatives Thank You

I love it.

3 evenings use and my skin is better than it's been in ages. My blackheads & pores have been shrinking daily. Absolutely brilliant.

mothermirth Fri 16-Nov-12 10:45:33

Me too! Mine arrived today. Smells divine, feels wonderful on my skin and it's so cheap <former Eve Lom user here too>.

Thank you whoever recommended it. smile

ComradeJing Fri 16-Nov-12 10:51:44

<whispers> I wasn't a fan.

I felt the bees wax in it stayed on my skin and left me feeling a bit... waxy...

Lovely smell though and I had so wanted to love it.

skandi1 Fri 16-Nov-12 12:06:38

Think that was me most recently. But I originally got into Akamuti thru MN S&b last year but I can't recall who.

My latest thing is the camomile and calendula balm for hands lips face and sore dry bits.

I have had a terrible time over the last 5 years to find stuff I can use. First it was the laundry detergent allergy and then rosacea sad. So I am happy to have finally found stuff which works well, is lovely and doesn't aggravate the red face. And so also happy when others find what they need. smile

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