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HORNED HOOFERS you know what im going to say

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MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 14:15:26

and im looking at YOU
get felxitolling
sever cases book up at the chirpoodist

( who is it who hates thes e threads - is it mossy?)

notnowbernard Mon 04-Apr-11 14:16:38

I'm having my first fish pedicure next week

(am wondering if it will be half as effective as a chiropodist but hey-ho am intrigued!)

dinkystinky Mon 04-Apr-11 14:19:03

wotcha cod

are you going for a fish-acure too?

WalterFlipsticks Mon 04-Apr-11 14:19:07

Yes... the sun may have come out if only temporarily... but we have not gone blind!! confused
notnowbernard get a ped egg, fish pedicure, good for a novelty and everyone should try it once, but it's not really that effective, especially on the harder patches... enjoy though! smile

notnowbernard Mon 04-Apr-11 14:20:56

Ped egg didn't work for me

Have a very resistant patch of disgustingness on my R heel that only the chiropodist can get rid of

Will it be too much for the little nippers then, d'you think?

MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 14:21:56

im not sure they are hygenic

tulpe Mon 04-Apr-11 14:24:21

Thought of a ped-egg leaves me shuddering.

I use Scholl footscrub which works a treat. Twice a week with nightly slathers of Scholl foot moisturiser.

JackieNo Mon 04-Apr-11 14:25:07

You're on a summery roll today, Mike grin. Is it summer cushion time yet?

Hassled Mon 04-Apr-11 14:25:22

Ooo is it that time of year already? The annual "sort your bleeding feet out, you slackers?" thread time? Yay - it must be nearly summer.

I'm pinning all my hopes on the little fishes this year. I'm bribing DD to come with me while we sit in a shopping mall being nibbled. Strangely she's less than enthused.

WalterFlipsticks Mon 04-Apr-11 14:27:23

I would think so, but definitely have it done... if only for the experience, Mike I think there have been allsorts of people speculating about the hygeine etc. I think it's more because it's fairly new in this country and has become a craze all of a sudden, the immediate reaction is to condemn it.
I wouldn't worry, it's only like putting your feet in a swimming pool/the sea, the water is filtered and you bathe your feet before hand.
Of course some researcher may prove me wrong conclusively, but until then... grin

FreeButtonBee Mon 04-Apr-11 14:27:47

Oh god. I have been steadfastly ignoring my maknky heels for weeks. Will have a go on Wed night as DH is at the football. I can sit in front of masterchef and saw away with the microplane scraper-jobbie. Will then flexitol and cover in clingfilm.

Can't handle the fish. Yuck yuck yuck.

ineedagoodsolicitor Mon 04-Apr-11 14:36:41

Oh God, they've opended a fish foot nibbler place not far from me and I was comtemplating going but had a dream last week that I killed the fish because they over-ate when it came to my turn to put my trotters in the tank.

I have worn out a ped-egg over the last year, can they be re-sharpened or do I just chuck it and get a new one ?

soon to be ex-h can't stand the noise of me emptying the ped egg into the kitchen bin, it makes him realise exactly how much I have planed off each foot (hard skin now not even confined to just heels).

MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 14:55:02

i found a thing in the chemist that looks liek a cheese slice. am using in the anti verucca campaign with ds

MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 14:55:45

look at this
it works SO well

JackieNo Mon 04-Apr-11 14:57:44

That looks scary shock

FreeButtonBee Mon 04-Apr-11 14:57:59

No, I can't be trusted with that. I would having bleeding stumps left when the men in white coats came to take me away and would be heard shouting "there's just a wee bit more hard skin on the other side that I need to get". It wouldn't be pretty for all involved.

MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 15:25:52

Lol at bee

otchayaniye Mon 04-Apr-11 15:28:00

Best things for feet?

Microplane foot file (gettable from the States) Bit grim, like a parmesan grater! ABout 1000 x more effective than a Ped Egg

Diamancel No 11 used on freshly washed, but dried feet. This will also work on hard skin, but is also great for more regular filing

Foot cream with urea or some kind of acid

Trimmed, pushed back cuticles

Nail surface filed down with a rough buffer to get rid of ridges

Clear, buffed or coloured polish (corals and teals very nice for summer)

otchayaniye Mon 04-Apr-11 15:28:29

Oh, those fish pedicures are really ineffective and just a gimmick really.

MikeRotch Mon 04-Apr-11 15:29:39

Yea we know all that. This must bs the 5th year of HH

dinkystinky Mon 04-Apr-11 15:34:50

Well had a spa day on Saturday and my two mates went for a pedicure - I did not as my feet would have given the poor beautician a nervous break down - and they used those planer thins that Mike and otcha were talk about - quick plane away, soak feet in warm water for a bit, dry, bit more planing, soak again, dry, slather in some sort of cream that stank (must be that urea) then all that gubbins with the cuticles and nails that otcha listed. Feet looked v nice at the end. I just had a martini and manicure instead...

otchayaniye Mon 04-Apr-11 15:39:59

This is the Microplane file

This is the Diamancel

This is also good, one step up from the 11

otchayaniye Mon 04-Apr-11 15:42:15

This is the Microplane file

This is the Diamancel

This is also good, one step up from the 11

Spidermama Mon 04-Apr-11 15:43:34

Every year I feel foot shame I needn't have felt had I not clicked on these acurs'd threads.

<Gallops off to foot scrape lady via leg fur removal firm.>

coralpink Mon 04-Apr-11 16:42:06

Chiropody is the answer - gets you started off, I don't rate the ped egg etc alone, i think you have ming feet you need professional intervention.

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