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Why are hairdressers not competant with curly/wavy hair?

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colditz Thu 31-Mar-11 12:28:08

Every single time I go to the hairdresser, I end up saying

"Don't do that, it pulls the curl out!" (drying with flat brush and hairdryer) or

"Please don't put that on my hair because it makes it lank" (silicone crap) or

"If you carry on running your hands through my hair like a rake I'm going to end up with flat roots and a ball of fluff at the end, and I won't be pleased"

I've had 2 inches off my shoulder length layered shaggy cut today, I walked in with bouncy curls and have walked out with some hair curly, some almost straight, flat at the roots and feeling greasy.

I don't thik I could do that to my hair if I tried, what the fuck do they do to it?

LessNarkyPuffin Thu 31-Mar-11 14:38:18

My sister once came out of the hairdressers with what looked like oiled ringlets. I didn't laugh. Honest,

My hairdresser is lovely and knows how I like my hair styled. I think there are more ways to mess up curly hair post cutting.

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 31-Mar-11 14:44:45

It's not just you. I ended up with a monk's fringe when I was younger, yes, curly hair does bounce up when it's dry, how, as a hairdresser, is that difficult for you to understand?

My hairdressers keep moving on, whenever I find one I like, they disappear. If anyone knows a hairdresser that can really cut curly hair, in north london, please please let me know.

wubblybubbly Thu 31-Mar-11 14:55:18

I was scared for life at the hands of 'stylist' at the tender age of 11 sad Not understanding the bounceback of curly hair, he gave me a fringe like Frankenstein's monster.

seashore Thu 31-Mar-11 14:56:53

FairyLightsForever what's the Mumsnet haircut? Please, please can I have a link to it?

Can't believe I stumbled onto this thread, I've been cutting my hair myself since I was 16 (I'm 42 now) because it's curly and hairdressers just don't know what to do with it.

But recently I've been growing out hair dye, (haven't touched the stuff in over a year) I have just past shoulder length hair, I've been thinking I should get it bobbed (don't trust hairdressers to do anything else with curly hair) just to help get rid of the dye. Anyway I keep stalling on it and just wind up doing another trim myself. I don't really want to say goodbye to my layers which help my curly hair looking good, this thread is making me think I should forget about getting it bobbed and just continue on as normal.

Suppose the thing is most people don't have curly hair so they just don't know what to do with it.

Sorry for the ramble but hair is a subject I can really get going on smile ...

overmydeadbody Thu 31-Mar-11 15:00:20

colditz it's not just you, for this very same reason, and some pretty traumatising experieinces as a teenager at the hands of some hairdressers, I only ever cut my own hair now, using the MN haircut, but have been doing this for years. Now I need never have the anxiety attacks I used to get before visiting the hairdresser, and my hair looks fine (in a curly messy way)

Skinit Thu 31-Mar-11 15:00:39

I feel your pain...mine is wavy and I like it....when I say "Please dont straighten it" they look like this shock and dont know what to do!

overmydeadbody Thu 31-Mar-11 15:02:11

seashore the MN haircut is basically just brushing all your hair into a ponytail right at the front of your head (next to your forehead) and then chopping off, in a straight line, however much of your hair you want cut.

This automatically layers your hair and is perfect for long curly hair (or shorter hair, it just depends on how much you take off). Lots of youtube tutorials to help you.

seashore Thu 31-Mar-11 15:09:19

thanks overmydeadbody, I've just checked a youtube tutorial, don't think I'd have the nerve to do it though, nope, think I'll just stick to my regular trim which seems to work for me, I am tried of wondering about getting a bob each day though!

brillopads Thu 31-Mar-11 15:13:53

LOLz I'm having my haircut tonight at a new hairdressers (the price had crept up at my previous one so I thought I'd shop around), and yes, my hair tends to have a bit of "natural movement". I always feel bad when they ask about my 'styling routine' & I have to confess that I tend to towel-dry and then leave it to do it's own thang rather than attempt to blow-dry/ straighten into submission ...

FairyLightsForever Thu 31-Mar-11 15:49:13

This is the inspiration for the MN haircut, here I am trying to find some pictures of me so you can see how it looks on curly hair...

BitOfFun Thu 31-Mar-11 15:56:26

Oh please do, Fairy. I am very curious. I would love to find a hairdresser who understands curly hair- they just don't, in my experience.

GoldenGreen Thu 31-Mar-11 15:56:33

yep, I avoid the hairdresser and when I do go I just get her to straighten it and enjoy having sleek hair for a few hours. I have asked for it to be dried curly twice - the first time I looked like a poodle, the second time (different hairdresser) she dried it straight and then used curling tongs on the ends hmm

ghislaine Thu 31-Mar-11 16:01:07

I suffered for years at the hands of hairdressers who couldn't cut curly hair. I've had some great cuts over the years at the Vidal Sassoon training school -they love curly hair - and now I am super-loyal to my hairdresser (near King's Cross station) who knows how my hair works and what to do with it. The salon's not swish, but who cares? Pm me if you want her details. I feel very evangelistic about having finally found The One.

mrsbumbledosem Thu 31-Mar-11 16:01:09


Partly I think the problem is that I often go to hairdressers with hair up and so they don't see how it looks before they 'work their magic' but I always get a promise that my hair will look amazing whilst the finished result is something like King Charles the first. Hairdressers always expect me to be amazed by how (poodle like) curly they have made my hair. Even though I have woken up looking like Brian May every day for 30 plus years.

With curly hair the less you touch it the better ( in fact my hair looks pretty amazing just washed and left to dry, frizz and all ) but that seems to be an impossible concept for most hairdressers...

mrsbumbledosem Thu 31-Mar-11 16:04:03

actually 'amazing' is a bit strong!

BikeRunSki Thu 31-Mar-11 16:06:43

ME TOO!!!!!

I had had a great haircut for less than a fiver (backstreet salon in Sheffiled, by give away name of Classic Curls) and a terrible one for £70 (big brand salon in Leeds). And T&G refused "we don't do curly hair...."

Since I've lived in the sticks I have had the choice of 2 village hairdressers without flogging into the city on a w/e. One was awful, and have trained up t'other over the years.

FairyLightsForever Thu 31-Mar-11 16:22:08

BoF I'll PM you some photos

dexter73 Thu 31-Mar-11 16:28:52

I don't think I have ever seen a hairdresser with curly hair! They all have poker straight hair. I hate going to the hairdressers and usually trim my hair myself or get dh to do it. Mind you I haven't cut my hair since last May!

nikki1978 Thu 31-Mar-11 16:39:04

I have been having a scout around and apparently this place is very good for curls (Notting Hill)

The director Michael Price is supposed to be amazing with curly hair.

I don't need a haircut now until August but will be trying this place then and will let you know

nikki1978 Thu 31-Mar-11 16:40:22

Oh and apparently when you call to book you should specify that you have curls so you get the right hairdresser. The director gets booked up 3 weeks in advance.

nikki1978 Thu 31-Mar-11 16:42:05

Blog entry from them

FairyLightsForever Thu 31-Mar-11 16:49:24

BoF, sorry I'm rubbish at this technology thing blush are you on facebook?
I can pm my email address and you can have a look...

BitOfFun Thu 31-Mar-11 19:06:10

That would be great, thanks smile

fluffles Thu 31-Mar-11 19:10:09

i go to quite an 'alternative' hairdresser who wears her own hair all sort of messy, it was the fact she didn't iron it straight that made me choose her.

she is very good now, but she wasn't perfect to start with so when i went back i said 'the last time, this bit was too short and this bit too bushy' and to her credit she improved each time and now i can just tell her whether i fancy it longish or shorter and she'll get the shape right.

MrsSeanBean Thu 31-Mar-11 19:49:44

Mahogany (London and Oxford) pretty good with curly hair.

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