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microdermabrasion, any good?

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partyhats Wed 30-Mar-11 15:37:16

Those of you out there who have had a microdermabrasion facial, is it any good? I am 35 with no real skin issues other than a little dryness. Groupon have 3 for £45 in my area at the moment. Thanks

Desperateforthinnerthighs Wed 30-Mar-11 15:51:08

dont even know what it is but....if it aint broke dont fix it!! Your skin sounds fine so just keep doing what you're doing! xx

Buda Wed 30-Mar-11 17:13:59

Amazing! I had one and it was fab. My skin felt fantastic afterwards for days. I am 46 and my skin was quite dry. Got rid of all the dryness/dead skin cells.

I had a chemical peel last week and didn't find that as good.

willybreeder Wed 30-Mar-11 21:13:07

I had a course of them on the run up to my wedding a few years ago and it was great because my skin had broken out and got congested. It sorted my skin out. Worth a go if you feel like treating yourself

AnnThology Thu 21-Jul-11 09:41:39

did you have it partyhats?

HuntForGalaxyHazelnut Thu 21-Jul-11 12:37:47

Does anyone know if it leaves your skin red for a length of time after you've had it done? I am going to book an appointment but need to know if i'll have to hide away for a few days afterwards!

Also I have a bit of an acne break out on my chin, would they be able to do microdermabrasion on that area? Or would it damage the skin more?

AnnThology Thu 21-Jul-11 15:39:36

yes i want to know too

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