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where can i buy earring parts that won't make my ear itch!

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southeastastra Sun 20-Mar-11 20:13:32

i have tons of really nice earrings but can't wear half of them as allergic to the hooky thing. can i buy some and just replace them?

would i need gold or silver or what?

sorry if this doesn't make sense!

CherryMonster Sun 20-Mar-11 20:14:25

i find silver to be the best. you can buy a job lot of 925 silver earring findings on ebay.

southeastastra Sun 20-Mar-11 20:16:04

ah findings! thank you

nancy75 Sun 20-Mar-11 20:16:05

buy a bottle of clear nailvarnish and cover any metal bits with it - it's meant to act as a barrier between the metal and your skin and stop irritation.

southeastastra Sun 20-Mar-11 20:17:39

i do that already nancy but it doesn't always work

AlmightyCitrus Sun 20-Mar-11 20:20:58

Hobbycraft have them too, just in case you can't wait for the post.

MisSalLaneous Sun 20-Mar-11 20:25:43

Unless you're allergic to silver or gold too, either should do. I'm the same, and it's highly annoying that I can't just buy a cheap pair of good looking earrings without hassle.

southeastastra Sun 20-Mar-11 20:27:02

i should have changed them years ago just put up with it! silly really

minxymoggy Mon 21-Mar-11 16:42:10

You can get jeweller's skin guard which is better than clear varnish, it's tougher wearing - this one on Amazon is pretty good:

Also you can use rhodium findings as well as silver. The colour is similar but silver often is too light for costume jewellery which is a darker metal colour. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family so it doesn't rust and it's inert, like gold and silver are, so humans don't react to it. It's a reasonable price (similar to silver). The other good option is surgical steel.

puffylovett Mon 21-Mar-11 16:49:43

ooh subbing with interest. I made DP go out and buy me some decent earings as I can't wear anything and my right ear has now closed up so has to be re-pierced everything I put an earing in. He bought white gold and I'm still bloody reacting hmm

will you post back how you get on?

BettyBleu Mon 21-Mar-11 17:25:11

I can't wear gold, white gold, silver or platinum earrings anymore but have had success with titanium which I can wear for weeks at a time without any reaction or itchiness. I've purchased most of my basics from this site from the Blomdahl range, plus they also sell hooks separately so I can buy cheap drop earrings and switch the hooks. Serenity

ElenStone Thu 24-Mar-11 18:02:15

Buy from somewhere reputable, a lot of the findings on Ebay are advertised as Sterling Silver, but are actually Sterling Silver plated. have reliable and high-quality findings. I did an order from them for our new range of Sterling Silver jewellery and everything I ordered was as described.

southeastastra Thu 24-Mar-11 18:07:08

thanks elen, i did order some from ebay, yet to arrive though

ElenStone Thu 24-Mar-11 18:58:04

Good luck, hope they do the job. Might be worth putting a pair in as soon as they arrive and wearing them for the day, so you know whether they're what you need in time to return them if they don't fit the bill.

MaryDownton Fri 23-Nov-12 13:41:07

You could try replacing them with titanium replacement earring hooks. I have done this with a pair of dangly hearts. You take the dangly part off and snap it onto the new hook and they are great, really comfortable!

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