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My review of IPL (intense pulsed light - laser!) treatment of my red veins

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TattyDevine Thu 17-Mar-11 16:49:43

Hello all

Well, today I had IPL on the red veins that I have round the edge and underneath my nose. These veins have annoyed me for a while, I feel I have to pack on a fair bit of concealer round that area, which then comes off the second you blow your nose, and of course the side of your nose tends to be an oilier area so it never seems to stay put. Without makeup you just look red, and with it it gives a sort of packed on look. I recently started using colour corrector in green which was better than layering up with normal flesh coloured concealer, but the problems of it coming off remained.

So I decided to have IPL! Basically the same thing that they use for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, etc.

I have pale, untanned (at the moment skin) which is the best sort for this kind of treatment because the laser zones in on colour. You can't have the treatment when you are tanned (even fake tan) because it will zone in on those pigment particles and burn you (or some such). So its a good time of year to have it done - all of last summer's colour long gone, but none yet built up.

She was able to do the area as a "patch test" as it was such a small area - so it cost me a mere £25.

She applied a gel to the area, put goggles on me and on her, and zapped me. It hurts like buggery. But only for the splitest of split seconds. If it was any longer it would be unbearable but its so quick. It kind of makes you jump and wince.

The whole area was done in about 8 zaps. She then blasted the area with really really cold air to minimise redness and hot feeling.

I was lucky in that the red veins all blanched straight away. Sometimes this happens, sometimes they die off over about a fortnight, sometimes they stay. But I was a good candidate for the treatment really due to skin type and location etc.

I am now at home, preening in front of a mirror because I can't believe how easy and cheap it was to remove this problem! My skin now looks so even and white and I feel like its taken years off my appearance. I think I'm starting to believe Lisa Eldridge who says uneven skin tone is more ageing than wrinkles themselves.

I wish I'd done it years ago! I highly recommend it, and its a great time of year to do it.

Hope that was useful to some of you.

FisticuffsBartholomew Thu 17-Mar-11 16:52:44

Gosh only #25?


TattyDevine Thu 17-Mar-11 17:21:03

There is a place in the nearest town, just a little suburban salon that does it. Bad as that sounds the lady who does it has been qualified and doing laser in there for 10 years now. We are not London though, we are Essex Sufolk border so things tend to cost a little less out here.

TracyK Thu 17-Mar-11 17:31:09

Were they actual wee veins or just a redness? I got my teeny veins on my cheek done a year or so ago (don't know if it was IPL) - it worked - but I'm noticing a couple are back again and I'd maybe make sure it was IPL I got this time. My cheeks had wee scabs after a couple of days - but just like tiny scratches.

TattyDevine Thu 17-Mar-11 17:35:36

They were very small veins. In a 10x magification mirror I could see them well as small but indivudual network of veins, but in a normal mirror or in person it just looked like redness. But the redness was basically tiny broken veins.

It probably was IPL what you had...she said I might get a few come back over time but now I know there's such an easy cheap solution I'm not bothered. Really pleased!

pollyblue Thu 17-Mar-11 19:49:56

Hello, I had my first IPL treatment last week, one distinct vein on my top lip has vanished but the redness around my nose still looks pretty much the same. The therapist did say there's an element of trial and error involved in getting the right setting to kill off the veins - Tatty, do you know what setting was used on you? You skin type sounds very similar to mine, and i remember the IPL thingy was set to 90 during my treatment. Thinking i might need a stronger blast next time!

knitknack Thu 17-Mar-11 20:40:50

I have this too - my last 'go' was two years ago and i REALLY need them done again but two years hasn't done much for my savings account - sigh! You've inspired me though - and that price!! so cheap!

superfanjo Fri 18-Mar-11 20:23:12

Hi Tatty this sounds great smile please could you inbox me details of the salon I am desperate to get this done(really bad rosacea) and can't find it for less than £50-£100 in my area xx

brimfull Fri 18-Mar-11 20:41:06

Have been meaning to get this done for yrs now , I have red veins on my nose that are visible in normal mirror nvermind x10 one!!

My worry is that ,I am sure my red veins are caused by me blowing my nose so ferociously due to allergies.
Would they just come back ??

TattyDevine Fri 18-Mar-11 22:11:30

Hi G-girl. I think a lot of mine were probably due to nose-blowing, simply because the first side ones happened when I was about 12 or 14 or something...I certainly didn't drink or do sunbeds in those days (though I did live in Australia so it was probably sunnier!)

Who knows, they might come back. But even if I just did it once a year to make it "better", at £25, less by about half than the average facial, I'm cool with that.

Understandably if you had to pay lots, its a gamble though.

On that note, for other posters who asked, the salon was This one , possibly not much help if you are not near the Essex/Suffolk borders, but there you go, just in case you are!

brimfull Fri 18-Mar-11 22:59:24

Thanks I'll look into it .

knitknack Sat 19-Mar-11 11:10:13

Oooh I'm in sufolk! dances

superfanjo Sat 19-Mar-11 13:11:44

Thank you xx

PinkLipSync Thu 01-Nov-12 10:37:09

I have just bought a 4 x 30 minute session for Thread Vein removal (face or legs) on a special at Groupon for £129 if anyone is interested. The deal has only another 13 hours to run as at 10:36 on 01/11/12

Nicole695 Tue 09-Jan-18 07:39:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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