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Moisturiser for very dry, sensitive, eczema prone facial skin?

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solongandthanksfor Tue 22-Feb-11 13:00:41

Please? Oh, I've got rosacea as well, so have to make sure nothing aggravates that as well.

I've practically given up with moisturising just now (just using a very basic nivea one) as I find it hard to find one that really suits my skin.

FlouryBap Tue 22-Feb-11 14:05:36

Dr Hauschka rose cream

elizabethtailored Tue 22-Feb-11 15:44:20

Have been using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser after seeing a dermatologist for same reason. Nothing in it. Apparently is recommended to people who have had facial surgery/burns as is so simple.

seshi Tue 22-Feb-11 17:32:07

Have you tried Avene products? You can buy them in Boots

Celery Tue 22-Feb-11 17:43:25

I love Cetaphil. My skin is oily, but sensitive. It's calmed right down, and I don't get nearly as many spots as I used to either. I use the cleanser and the moisturiser.

PukeyMummy Tue 22-Feb-11 17:45:54

FWIW, my dermatologist said she just uses Oilatum herself, coupled with a sunscreen for the daytime.

OADCB Tue 22-Feb-11 17:47:41

My friend has similar problems and uses the green m&s one in the tube. She has recently changed up this from an expensive one and it's working for her

HettyAmaretti Tue 22-Feb-11 17:54:18

Udder cream.

Honestly, my skin has never been better. I used it as a body cream first and for extra dry bits too. only put it on my face when I left my normal moisturiser at PIL's house.

Being eczema prone I always find that my skin has a problem shedding dead cells and thye build up. Bah. Is too sensitive for regular scrubs. This stuff seems to stop the dead skin building up, 'tis at least as moisturising as Nivea SOft but without being all fatty and pore clogging.

Will, stop before I write an essay, It is utterly fab and you really should try it.

grumpypants Tue 22-Feb-11 17:56:36

Aveeno . Green and oatmeal tube. Fab.

mousymouse Tue 22-Feb-11 17:58:57

I like the weleda almond range for every day and weleda skin food for when I need extra rich cream.

rinabean Tue 22-Feb-11 18:01:28

I use coconut oil. I don't know if that's ok for eczema or rosacea personally, but I just googled and apparently it won't aggravate either condition and might really help with them

Summatontoast Tue 22-Feb-11 18:02:47

I use a facial oil underneath my usual olay moisturiser - have used Clarins in past but using Neals Yard at moment (several around). I have a very dry, sensitive cheeks with touch of rosacea and love the way this makes my skin feel. Can use at night too.

Shallishanti Tue 22-Feb-11 18:04:25

udder cream???

where would you get that?

Summatontoast Tue 22-Feb-11 18:05:20

Hetty do you mean its udderly fab?grin

HettyAmaretti Tue 22-Feb-11 18:31:46

Udderly fab, indeed grin

You can get it an agricultural supplier if you're near one, also online here and certainly elsewhere. Can buy it in fancy packaging for 100x the price but there really is no point, is exactly the same. I get mine in teh supermarket but am not in the UK.

If you don't want a 1.25 kg tub, this place looks good.

solongandthanksfor Tue 22-Feb-11 19:29:06

Wow, loads of replies. Thanks a lot everyone.

Have never ever heard of udder cream...but will check it out (at first I thought you must be joking, but I have checked out the website, and see it's real).

Cephatil gets a few namechecks so I'll also look into that. Those of you who saw dermatologists, was it through the NHS? I suspect my skin is not bad enough for my GP to refer me so have thought about trying to see a dermatologist privately, but wouldn't know where to start. That said, I currently have eczema, rosacea and recently a recurrence of psorasis (which I haven't had for 15 years), so could really do with some help!

I tried Oilatum, but it seemed to make my skin drier. And also tried Dr Hauschka's whole skincare system - and that seemed to make my roscacea flare up.

HettyAmaretti Tue 22-Feb-11 19:33:00

Oats are very good for psoriasis. Google it. Are you short eating enough oily fish etc?

RIZZ0 Tue 22-Feb-11 19:40:23

Espa's 24hr Moisturising Cream is really good.

They also do this

RIZZ0 Tue 22-Feb-11 19:41:12

Here's the calming moisturiser here

Tw1nkle Tue 22-Feb-11 19:42:48


Have you tried 'Double base' cream from the doctors?

It's great!

Shallishanti Tue 22-Feb-11 20:20:33

yes, double base is excellent! sounds like you could do with going to gp anyway

RIZZ0 Tue 22-Feb-11 20:32:18

Oh and stop using Nivea on your poor face it's full of crap! smile

PukeyMummy Tue 22-Feb-11 20:52:29

I saw a dermatologist privately...there is a dermatologist who runs a clinic at my local health centre.

Appointment, which included private prescription, cost £90 but she didn't upsell me any products or treatments on top of that, other than what she prescribed.

I'm now pregnant so had to stop using what she prescribed, but it worked so well for me, wish I had seen her years ago.

I would have saved lots on self-help skin care if I'd just gone to her in the first place. Worth every penny!

TigerseyeMum Tue 22-Feb-11 21:10:32

Dermalogica's Intensive Moisture Balance.

kirrinIsland Tue 22-Feb-11 21:47:19

Another vote for double base - my skin has really calmed down with that. Also try Barefoot Botanicals SOS range.

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