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BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 10:19:21

I have a theory that every year you should treat one wedding you're attending as though it were your own.

Not that you're the bride, or as important as the bride...that's not the idea. I mean that for many women your wedding day is the one day when you try to pull it all together to look and feel your best, best figure, best skin, best hair. You get the picture. So if you do this once a year...perhaps with less of the stress that goes along with preparing for your own wedding day...then you'll look and feel amazing.

Last year I gave birth to my first child, so getting my figure etc back on track before a wedding I attended some months later was a huge challenge. I think I succeeded pretty well - I felt great at the wedding, not like the frumpy mummy I thought I might turn up as!

So now we have the Royal Wedding to look forward to I think we have the perfect opportunity to set that as a collective project due date. 29 April.

If any of you are inclined to give this a go - I thought it might be fun to do this with other like minded (crazy?) women.

The way it would work is like this - anyone involved can add a preparation ritual to the list. Let's not make this expensive. Don't we all have a bunch of unused exfoliant, teeth whitening paste, cuticle creams, waxes and potions at our disposal in our medicine cabinet?

Get the idea? Anyone interested?

CameronCook Tue 22-Feb-11 11:07:35

I'm in - need to start making more of an effort - well an effort at all would be good

CameronCook Tue 22-Feb-11 11:07:57

So what do we do - list what we're aiming to do to ourselves each week or something?

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 11:28:14

Great Cameron. Yes, why not list it out. Can be beauty ritual or diet or exercise. But I think it would be fun if we all have to do what the other suggests. Don't tell me I have to join a gym though!

My suggestions:
- 8 glasses of water a day.
- Exfoliating
- Using some kind of teeth whitener
- Using some kind of regenerative face cream
- Intensive nail care (feet and hands)
- Some kind of eyelash growth serum

barbieisaskinnybitch Tue 22-Feb-11 11:54:28

Ooh Ooh I love this idea! Can I join too?
Can I suggest the shred thing that I've heard about - I don't know chuff all about it, but hopefully someone will be along in a bit to whip us all into toned, lithe beauties.

Great idea Blackswan!

TracyK Tue 22-Feb-11 11:59:26

I'm doing this with a couple of friends. We have to do 10 mins extra cardio a day. 2 bits of fruit, 2 bits veg and at least 2 glasses of water.

Doing it for 100 days - putting £1 a day into a jar each (fined an extra £1 if no cardio) and then having a weekend away at the end.

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 12:08:19

Fab barbie, glad you're joining us.

I think we need to keep a running tally with the list. So cut and paste guys, adding your own suggestions!

1. 8 glasses of water a day.
2. Exfoliating
3. Using some kind of teeth whitener
4. Using some kind of regenerative face cream
5. Intensive nail care (feet and hands)
6. Some kind of eyelash growth serum
7. The Shred
8. At least 2 extra fruit & veg.
9. £1 a day into a jar (fined an extra £1 if no cardio).

Tracy - we have less than a hundred days! But should still have enough cash for a treat at the end.

anon80 Tue 22-Feb-11 12:09:41

ohh i will bw starting the 30 day shred next monday- watched the video and must say im scared already - i got tired watching it- literally, im going to be in so much agony, why do i put myself through these things hmm

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 12:14:52

I'm adding one more. Hair oil.

1. 8 glasses of water a day.
2. Exfoliating
3. Using some kind of teeth whitener
4. Using some kind of regenerative face cream
5. Intensive nail care (feet and hands)
6. Some kind of eyelash growth serum
7. The Shred
8. At least 2 extra fruit & veg.
9. £1 a day into a jar (fined an extra £1 if no cardio).
10. Hair oil (moroccan hair oil for eg, or kerastase etc)

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 12:15:31

Great anon80 - then you're in?

TracyK Tue 22-Feb-11 12:20:49

Any recommendations for eyelash serum?

anon80 Tue 22-Feb-11 12:21:14

yes im in.
will do number 2,3,5,7
but to make up for the others will epilate so my legs look lovly for the 29th and keep eyebrows in check, buy some hand cream and look after my hair alot better

5DollarShake Tue 22-Feb-11 12:27:55

Ooh, count me in! We're emigrating to NZ (well, I'm from there, so technically it's only DH and the DCs who are) right after the wedding, so it would be great to return home after more than a decade looking good! grin

Plus I ordered the shred off amazon last night, so this ties in well. For me:

- The Shred
- cleansing and moisturising every evening (I'm terrible for this blush)
- moisturising hands daily
- weekly (at home) manicure
- fortnightly deep conditioning

Great idea, BlackSwan!

barbieisaskinnybitch Tue 22-Feb-11 12:28:02

lol at anon80 I haven't seen the video - can you post a link?

<prepares to yawn>

barbieisaskinnybitch Tue 22-Feb-11 12:29:12

Oh & I'm 3 weeks into my moroccan oil adventure & it's b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t (even in winter weather when my hair is normally like tumbleweed) grin

anon80 Tue 22-Feb-11 12:57:20

sorry barbie dont know if there is a link - i ordered mine of off amazon and just thought id watch it quickly so thats how i know im going to be in agony from monday, my family is down till then so cant do it in the mean time.

Here it is from Amazon

barbieisaskinnybitch Tue 22-Feb-11 13:42:01

Ordered, thanks anon80

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 13:49:56

I just ordered my very first exercise DVD!! Thanks for the amazon link.

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 16:48:19

Bumping for any other ladies wanting to join!

cyrilsneer Tue 22-Feb-11 17:09:20

Ooooh.... I love a project!

Can I make my pledge too?

1 8 glasses of water a day
2. Exfoliating - I'm dreadful about this
3. Using some kind of teeth whitener
4. Using some kind of regenerative face cream
5. Intensive nail care (feet and hands)
6. 2 big old power walks a week (hour and a half each)
8. At least 2 extra fruit & veg eg Apple/ nectarine and carrot/ 2 sticks celery
9. £1 a day into a jar
10. Hair oil as a treatment once a week

I've got to dash out but I'm sure there'll be something else... Will post later if I think of something.

When are we starting? Today? Tomorrow?

Ridiculous how excited I feel... I think my true internal age is about fourteen...


anon80 Tue 22-Feb-11 17:19:27

I suppose we could start tomorrow morning!!!

but cant do the 30 day shred untill monday

Evizza Tue 22-Feb-11 17:26:45

I'm in !! I have the 30 day shred and haven't started it yet, no better time than now !!

Evizza Tue 22-Feb-11 17:29:07

Forgot to say that I go on holiday the week of the Royal wedding, so perfect timing for me smile

lipglossandlashes Tue 22-Feb-11 17:37:35

I'm in and will add daily body brushing too (ouchy but effective!)and I've decided not to drink for the next few weeks shock
Won't do the £1 a day but saving my £2 coins in a pot for a new bag(Mulberry or a Chloe) Might take a while though!

Lavitabellissima Tue 22-Feb-11 17:38:52

Me too, I'm going to order the 30 day shred now!

I'll add having a healthy breakfast every day and only drinking wine on the weekend wine

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