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Pandora - fab or chav?

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phooey Mon 21-Feb-11 21:07:28

I bought myself a cream leather Pandora bracelet, to go with the lovely Monica Vinader cream and silver Fiji bracelet DH bought me for Xmas.

I've become a tad obsessed, it's cleverly designed for magpies like me! I've bought 3 beads for it already at a cost of £40-£50 each blush

I'm going to buy a black Pandora string too so I can wear beads around my neck too.

I feel like a convert to a cult, but also that a lot of jewellery has copied the Pandora style recently, especially M and S costume stuff, so it's nice to have the real deal. It's also very versatile - adding different colours of glass beads depending on outfit.

Fab or chav?

CameronCook Mon 21-Feb-11 21:21:57

I really like mine - I have a few proper Pandora beads but also a few others to fill it up so that I can wear it without it looking too empty.

I like in a backwater so we're not over run with Pandora so it doesn't seem to be considered common like it does on MN

NancyDrewHadaClue Mon 21-Feb-11 22:09:19

I've said it before and I'll say it again it is the most unimaginative, dull jewellery money can buy.

It is made worse by the fact that every other store from M&S to teh market sells cheap versions.

Sorry but you did ask.

phooey Mon 21-Feb-11 22:20:29

How is it unimaginative and dull Nancy?

They're so lovely, like worry beads. I have the queen bee bead on my bracelet atm and she is just superb. The problem with them being much copied is that people don't realise the massive leap in quality. The craftmanship is really good.

I guess if loads of people you know have them, it could be seen as common, but I think they're really thoughtful, and provoke comments and 'ooh's ime.

phooey Mon 21-Feb-11 22:23:41

I'm going to buy my sis the bead which is a bunch of grapes with a dangling peridot charm - it's her birthstone and will symbolise our good times drinking white wine together smile Not thoughtless. She can wear it on a necklace or bracelet, it's really pretty.

BunnyLebowski Mon 21-Feb-11 22:27:31

Wot Nancy said.

They are just so bloody dull and ubiquitous.

The jewellery form proof of the sheep mentality.

NancyDrewHadaClue Mon 21-Feb-11 22:47:06

They are unimaginative because the whole concept was created by a dull, balding, uninspired middle aged marketing man to put other dull uninspired men out of their misery by creating a gift that can be added to year on bloody year, without a second thought.

Birthday? Buy her a charm
Wedding? By her another charm
Birth? Buy her the baby's birthstone bead

I suspect there is a charm for every significant (not to mention pretty insignificant) life event that has ever, or may occur.

And worst of all they just look cheap.

Pancakeflipper Mon 21-Feb-11 22:52:52

I don't get. I don't get why people want identikit jewellery. And I wonder what the mark-up is on a bead? Its a fad. In 5 yrs time there will be jewellery boxes full of them not worn.

But I am one spoilt girlie cos my SIL is a silversmith so she makes my jewellery.

Sirzy Mon 21-Feb-11 22:54:56

I have one and love it, it is rare I have a piece of jewlerry I wear daily but since getting mine last year I have. All the charms have meaning to me which I like.

I don't care if other people don't like them, I'm not asking them to wear it!

belledechocchipcookie Mon 21-Feb-11 22:57:40

I have one, I've not worn it for months though because every tom, dick and harry is selling/buying them. sad

BelligerentGhoul Mon 21-Feb-11 23:02:36

I don't like them. They remind me of tribal necklaces made of tiny finger bones etc. I like delicate jewellery and these are about as subtle as Noel Edmonds imho. And obscenely expensive for something that doesn't look it.

polyhymnia Mon 21-Feb-11 23:05:28

I don't like them myself (can remember charm brcacelets from my remote childood) and am certainly fed up with the unoriginality of the rip-offs everywhere, which do look cheap, even if the original is good quality. Would prefer something more quirky and original.

But, like anything else, if it gives someone a lot of pleasure to wear a piece, why not? Certainly wouldn't assume they must be a chav.

polyhymnia Mon 21-Feb-11 23:06:07


sue52 Tue 22-Feb-11 00:00:30

I'm not keen on Pandora bracelets, however their silver necklaces and earings are quite nice.

beautyspot Tue 22-Feb-11 02:50:02

I go off things when they become...errr...common (sorry)

BigChiefOrganiser Tue 22-Feb-11 03:43:47

I'm not keen on them, but I like the leather bracelet as it reminds me of ones we used to buy as kids when we holidayed at the beach. Based on that I'd get the bracelet, and probably not more than one bead, beach themed for it.

I've just googled your Monica Vinader, and could possibly go for that instead!

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 07:54:24

Unattractive jewellery. Would think that someone who wore one thought they were wearing expensive jewellery (which they aren't) and are just caught up in a fad. Though it's expensive for what it is, it shows no personal style and is a poor substitute for real jewellery. Can't even stand seeing ads for it, sorry!!

Meggles76 Tue 22-Feb-11 08:08:36

I recently saw someone wearing 2 on the same wrist and thought it looked OTT and yes, ... chavvy... eek sorry!

I agree with another poster that the leather bracelets are nicer but definitely stick to one bead.

When you tot up the cost of these bracelets you could get something much more special

ajandjjmum Tue 22-Feb-11 08:11:13

DS bought me one when he left to go to uni. It had the little boy charm on it. How could that ever be tasteless and chavvy?

DD has a Lovelinks bracelet which I bought her after GCSEs. She goes through and can tell you what every charm was for - better memory than me! grin

I love it, and I don't particularly care what anyone else thinks. We all have different tastes.

As far as cost is concerned, a bracelet with loads of charms on could easily be £1,000 - that isn't cheap jewellery in my book, although I do appreciate that it is just a current fashion trend, rather than a traditional piece of jewellery.

cyrilsneer Tue 22-Feb-11 08:29:43

I'm sorry, but since you've asked, I don't like them.

There's a clutch of chavvy girls in my daughter's year who are obsessed with them - it reminds me of the hype surrounding the Beanie Babies collecting craze years ago. I'm afraid I find the whole thing naff and down-market.

But hey ho, each to their own. It's right that we don't all think the same and like the same things.

missmartha Tue 22-Feb-11 08:36:54

I'm not sure I'd call them chavvy, but they are dull, badly designed pieces.

I like something with a little more elegance than these clunky things.

Two of my SiLs wear them.

They are the two frumpiest woman you could hope to meet.

phooey Tue 22-Feb-11 08:38:02

Yikes grin

I guess the MN consensus is 'chav' and that I will be judged as 'chavvy', 'someone who thinks they're wearing expensive jewellery', that I have no personal style, am common, wear 'identikit', 'fad' jewellery, and that I'm a sheep (despite not knowing anyone else who owns one hmm )

Great grin

btw thanks polyhymnia for giving your opinion without the vitriol.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Tue 22-Feb-11 08:40:27

I like the look of them but personally wouldn't cough up the cash, I know several people who claim that theirs will be an investment in the long run but I'm not sure it will work like that.

BlackSwan Tue 22-Feb-11 08:40:44

Ebay your Pandora now, while it's still 'hot'!

Emo76 Tue 22-Feb-11 08:41:01

I am not sure whether or not they are chavvy, however they are clearly a marketing scam - as if a little bead is worth £40-50!! Use your brains and buy something more worthwhile.

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