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How many clothes do you have...

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cabbageroses Mon 21-Feb-11 20:49:21

especially "mature mummies" 45+.

I work from home 80% of the time and have just realised how few clothes I have.

2 pairs jeans
1 pair velvet jeans
I pair smart winter trousers
1 pair smart summer trousers
pair linen trousers
pair leggings
pair cargoes
pair cropped chinos for summer
various tunics/tops
1 smart skirt
1 summer skirt
3 summer dresses
quite a lot of Ts and camis, and cardis.

2 smart coats, 1 casual coat, 1 casual jacket, fleeces etc.

I have sold loads on ebay over the past 2 years and not replaced anything!

2cats2many Mon 21-Feb-11 20:50:40

How many clothes do I have? Loads.
How many clothes do I actually like or want to wear? Hardly any.

Meggles76 Tue 22-Feb-11 08:21:42

I would say not enough but DH would say too many wink

I am 34 and work but dress is very casual so don't have many extra clothes for that. so I have...

4 blue denim jeans
1 skinny black trousers
3 Linen trousers
1 charcoal wool trouser
1 charcoal tapered chino trouser
1 denim skirt
2 black leggings
1 city shorts
1 jersey dress
1 'occasion' dress
1 denim dress
1 shirt tunic
1 white shirt
1 knitted tunic
6 cardigans
3 jumpers
Lots of Tops and Ts
1 trench coat
1 quilted coat
1 gilet
1 rain jacket

Like OP, I have recently sold a lot of stuff on ebay and am yet to replace.

Dorothyredboots Tue 22-Feb-11 12:10:49

I read an article the other day that suggested that the mythical 'average' woman has 100 items in her wardrobe and wears about 30 of them!

ColdHeartedBitch Tue 22-Feb-11 12:16:20

what 2cats2many said.

HettyAmaretti Tue 22-Feb-11 12:20:48

'just realised how few clothes I have'. PSML. If I had that lot I'd be extremely happy.

sahminspain Tue 22-Feb-11 12:37:04

Ooh I like this, it is like an inventory!Do you mind if I add ages to my clothes,I am always interested to know how long people keep clothes for.

I will just do winter:

straight blue jeans (at least 2 years)
dark grey bootcuts ( last month)
black jeggings (autumn 2010)
black bootcuts (one year)

black herringbone wool dress (autumn 2010)
brown shift (autumn 2010)
black evening dress (Decmeber 2010)

black ruffle cardi (autumn 2010)
brown ruffle cardi (autumn 2010)
black boyfriend cardi (autumn 2010)
grey cardi with bow tie (last month)
black knitted bolero (never wear it giving it to mum, 2 years old)

grey shirt (never wear it giving it to mum, autumn 2010)
red jumper with fake tshirt insert 2 summers ago
black poloneck autumn 2010
navy square neck fitted wool top autumn 2010
pink vneck jumper last month
white long sleeved top last month
black long sleeved top last month

red reefer winter 2009 looks ready for the charity shop
blue peacoat winter 2010
black reefer winter 2010
dark green coat four years ago
tweed brown short jacket autumn 2010

I also have some gym gear but I am not sure if we are counting that?

Most of my winter clothes are fairly recent purchases as I had a huge cull at the start of autumn. My summer wardrobe is bigger. My dream is to have the perfect capsule wardrobe.

boobjob Tue 22-Feb-11 12:45:14

I have loads of clothes and I tend to wear most of them actually. I dont follow fashion trends, I wear what suits my body shape.

Shoes however, thats a different story!

ullainga Tue 22-Feb-11 13:01:32

way too many, I turned an extra bedroom into walk-in wardrobe and it's packed. I haven't got the faintest idea about how many dresses or skirts I really have.

In my defence -

I work and business attire is required, so I have a lot of work clothes. Would certainly have a lot less room in the wardrobe otherwise.

Most of my clothes are not fashion statements, but rather classical ones that suit my shape, so I can easily wear them for many years.

I actually do wear them for many, many years. Some are back in fashion for the third time already grin

My weight is not stable, so even though I have a packed wardrobe, at any given time, half of it does not fit. But probably will again at some point, so it does not make sense to throw them out.

MrsSeanBean Tue 22-Feb-11 13:13:47

I desperately need to do a clear-out. I have 100s, blush of items. I only wear about 30%, and that not all the time.

higgle Tue 22-Feb-11 13:17:42

If you have fewer clothes but like all of them it is realy quite liberating. I have been trying to reduce the number of clothes I have and will do my ebay cull next month.

Pagwatch Tue 22-Feb-11 13:26:24

I have fucking tonnes.

And I would clear stuff out but I can't be arses to bay and can't quite be generous enough to give away some of my nicer pieces.
The worst bit was when I struck upon the idea of saving nicer stuff (DVF, Milly, cacharel,Nicole Farhi, Chloe, D&G etc ) for dd. I have a velvet opera coat from Harrods in the 1960's (my mums) and some dresses boutiques in covent garden in the early 80s that include a lovely dress that I wore to the opening of the Lloyds Building
I am thinking of renting storage.

I couldn't tell you how much I have but I have got at least 50 dresses and about 15 coats if that is an indication.

ragged Tue 22-Feb-11 13:26:32

I keep clothes until I hate them or I wear them out (none of it suitable for Ebay grin). I have a couple of tops, about 20 yrs old, I fished them out recently (plaid is back in fashion?!). I am resolved to wear things out before I let myself buy anything. I did an inventory and it's hideously a lot, still, something like

4 casual jackets
4-6 heavy coats
8-9 pairs jeans & similar
3 pairs leggings (under skirts or jeans in cold weather)
Countless short and mid-sleeve tops
about 20 jumpers
about 12 long sleeve tops (not jumpers)
6-8 sets of PJs
Lots of smart(ish) clothes (8-10 outfits in total).

I have bought very little clothes in last 8 years.

Ashbury Tue 22-Feb-11 14:38:52

Most of my clothes are no older than two years. Excluding clothes used for gardening, walking, and going to the pool, I've got -

5 dresses
4 skirts
2 pairs of wide legged trousers
2 pairs of leggings
2 tunic tops to wear with leggings
An assortment of other tops,shirts, and T shirts
Various cardies - boyfriend, standard length, and cropped for summer
1 jumper
1 pair of cropped trousers (summer)
1 light weight mac
1 winter parka
1 summer jacket

Ragwort Tue 22-Feb-11 14:46:23

4 pairs jeans (1 2007, 3 charity shop)
Smart skirt & top (1991)
Smart dress (1994)
Denim skirt (2001)
Denim skirt (charity shop)
various T shirts, shirts, cardigans, tops (charity shop or at least 2-3 years old)
Smart trousers x 2 (2000)
Smart cords x 2 (2009)
Cropped trousers/chinos x 2 for Summer (2007)
New smart coat from charity shop
Walking jacket (anorak !!)
Trench coat (2008)

Various bits and pieces for 'slimmer' days - including a 20 year old dress that I love but have only been able to fit into once.

I hate, hate, hate shopping for clothes (can you tell) grin - my smart shoes are from my 40th birthday - 13 years ago !!!!

MoonGirl1981 Tue 22-Feb-11 16:49:22

I have enough clothes to wear a different outfit every day for 3/4 weeks.

Mostly dresses or skirts with co-ordinating tops/vests/cardigans. I own one pair of jeans. They're dark blue and flared. I love them!

I wear them all but do have a few dresses which are really only for summer.

CointreauVersial Tue 22-Feb-11 18:15:00

OMG, I couldn't begin to list the contents of my wardrobe! Like most people, I only wear about 10% of it, though. I hate throwing things out, unless they are actually falling apart, as I always think they might come back into fashion.

I probably have 20 pairs of jeans, in all different shapes, sizes and cuts, if that gives you any idea!

My biggest problem is I recently lost weight, and dropped at least a size on my bottom half. So I can't wear a lot of my stuff, fashionable or not.

But do I dare sell it?? I might not have "lost" the weight, merely "mislaid" it.

BooyFuckingHoo Tue 22-Feb-11 18:16:12


.......cause my sister has gone to OZ for a year grin

I'm 25 though, do i still count?

GeorginaWorsley Tue 22-Feb-11 18:58:02

Far too many really.blush
3 wardrobes woth,plus drawers.
Am ebaying every week and from now on only buying things I love/need/will update what I have.

Puffykins Tue 22-Feb-11 19:07:42

I have no idea. But there's no room for my DH to keep his clothes in our bedroom (which is floor to ceiling built in cupboards along the longest wall.) DS's bedroom is also DH's 'dressing room.'
In my defence, although I now work from home, I used to work in the fashion industry and so a lot of them were either free or bought at vast discount. I haven't bought anything new since before DS was born. Literally, nothing. Not even a nappy bag (I use an old handbag - God knows I have enough.) (Well, except underwear, but that's an essential, right?)

vicbar Tue 22-Feb-11 19:11:18

Omg now I realise my DH is right (damn it) I have:

12 dresses
4 pairs of jeans
3 pairs of jeggings
5 pairs of leggings
6 jumper dresses
8 skirts and loads of tops and tunics.....
This is my 'transition' wardrobe after DC 4 so In the loft I have 6 laundry (massive) bags full of clothes and 2 drawers under the king sized bed rammed full.

Worryingly I work 3 days a week and wear a uniform so only need to dress myself 4 days.
I need help, Im selling bits on ebay but get caught in the look and buy more. Maybe now Ive stopped reporoducing and stay the same weight I can do the whole capsule wardrobe thing.

PlanetEarth Tue 22-Feb-11 20:06:58

Don't know how many I've got, but... I just removed about 10 items from the wardrobe that I rejected when dressing this morning (too tatty, tops that are too short to meet my jeans, a fleece that smells of chemicals - must be disintegrating!). Won't throw them out until I buy some replacements though or I'll be going out naked shock. I did buy a few things this season, but I consider things new if I bought them say 3 years ago. The old ones are things that are about 10 years old grin.

I do try to buy new clothes sometimes but I'm a rubbish shopper and usually come home with nothing!

Deaddei Tue 22-Feb-11 20:10:41

I have just culled 20 items for the charity shop.
I am determined to wear everything I have regularly, rather than having "best" items.
I am planning the grand opening of my lasered legs this summer.....I haven't worn skirts for about 10 years.
(grand opening of legs sounds a bit risqué)

chickydoo Sun 05-Jun-11 17:08:54

just seen this thread.
Masses and masses of clothes, had some 10 years or more

30 pairs trousers/jeans/crops
12 skirts
12 dresses
6 black tie do dresses
85 tops and t shirts
70 cardis/jumpers/wraps (have a penchant for all things cozy)
10 work out pants
20 work out tops ( work in health and fitness so wear all the time)
10 coats and jackets
45 pairs shoes/boots/trainers/flip flops.

sounds a lot I know!!!

LaurieFairyCake Sun 05-Jun-11 17:12:17

If I had to fill black bin bags it would be about 80.

I threw out 15 last year, all work/office stuff. Also threw out about 30 pairs of shoes, took 20 pairs to the charity shop last week.

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