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ladies plz help am looking for headbands for my lil girl :)

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Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:29:46

I am due next month and really want some cute headbands for my baby.

I've got a couple that came with outfits but I would like her to have some more really cute ones.

If anyone has any links I would be really grateful.

Thanks Keeley x

GarconsSontCommeDesChiens Wed 02-Feb-11 17:31:20

let's hope she's a baldy baby then

Wordsonascreen Wed 02-Feb-11 17:31:25

Oh thats just beautiful

Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:32:56

LoL my lil boy had loads of hair so i don't think she will be a baldy they look cute even if they don't have hair though.

Keeley xx

MrsMeow Wed 02-Feb-11 17:33:07

I honestly can't work out if this is tongue in cheek or not...

Wobblewatcher Wed 02-Feb-11 17:39:07

Don't think it is.

Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:41:18

Does anyone have any idea or not?


Keeley x

Portofino Wed 02-Feb-11 17:43:27

These are taste--less--ful

EricNorthmansMistress Wed 02-Feb-11 17:45:14

Of course it's tongue in cheek! Pushing all the MN buttons...

Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:45:31

Oh wow thanks hun I love the red one! Hubby gonna be groaning now I'm ordering more stuff.

Keeley xx

Portofino Wed 02-Feb-11 17:45:39

In fact I want to have another baby just so that I can buy one ofthese!

Flisspaps Wed 02-Feb-11 17:45:41

What about something like these Keeley?


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 02-Feb-11 17:45:48

I don't understand why it is so hard to answer someone's OP. No need to be sarcastic. If a baby wearing a headband isn't to your taste then just say so or don't post instead of cryptic sarcastic comments.

OP - it isn't really to my taste but M & Co and Sainsburys do some soft alice band type headbands.

MinnieBar Wed 02-Feb-11 17:46:59

Ask someone on Nethuns?

Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:47:22

Hahahaha Fliss maybe for halloween!

Thanks Coconuts I will take a look next time I am in there.

Keeley xx

kormachameleon Wed 02-Feb-11 17:47:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CilantroLarry Wed 02-Feb-11 17:49:04

Oh more power to you hun. Your bubs going to look lovely.

Don't listen to these haterz.


Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:49:56

haterz?? everyone is been lovely.

Keeley xx

MarioandLuigi Wed 02-Feb-11 17:55:17

this one is almost as big as the baby's head!

MarioandLuigi Wed 02-Feb-11 17:56:31

This one is onlu a penny

falsemessageoflethargy Wed 02-Feb-11 17:56:32

What are you going to call your new baby Kelley?

FiveFeetTwo Wed 02-Feb-11 17:56:41

Oooh, Mario. That one is really special.

I wonder if they do an adult version...

falsemessageoflethargy Wed 02-Feb-11 17:56:44

sorry Keeley

Mumee2ACutiePie Wed 02-Feb-11 17:57:20

Awwww that pic made my heart melt but I think it would be better when she is a couple of months smile.

Keeley xx

MarioandLuigi Wed 02-Feb-11 17:57:36

Or this?

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