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Where in London is a good place to get a men's tailored suit?

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LoveMyGirls Mon 31-Jan-11 17:04:54

I would really like to get one for my wonderful DH for his 30th birthday, we're considering going to London for a couple of days for his birthday and I'm wondering if anyone on here knows where is a good value place to go while we're down there? Do you have to book an appointment, will they post it when it's finished or would we need to collect it etc? Are they really expensive?

I have no idea about these things but DH has always said a tailor made suit looks so nice and would love one.

Any advice would be appreciated.

LoveMyGirls Mon 31-Jan-11 18:10:35

Bump, please?

mum295 Mon 31-Jan-11 18:42:08

My DH has got a few suits, jackets and shirts from Dress2Kill and really rates them.

DH says their service is superb.

Apparently Jimmy Carr got a lot of his suits from them, if your DH likes him and the way he dresses? Or even if not?

DH's suits from there always make him look slimmer (he is larger-built). And you can choose extras like monogramming and coloured lining.

I think they have a range of different levels of suit, and are on the cheaper side. They are based near London Waterloo station, not your typical Savile Row tailor. But for Savile Row I'd expect you'd pay over £1000 for a bespoke suit.

bambiandthumper Mon 31-Jan-11 19:25:59

DH gets his from Zegna and lovely lovely shirts from Emma Willis

sansucre Mon 31-Jan-11 20:02:45

Zegna make nice suits. As do Dunhill.

I'd recommend looking in Selfridges because they carry so many labels, including some you'd find on both Saville Row and Jermyn St. Matches menswear also carry good suits, go to either branch on Ledbury Rd or Marylebone High St. If it's midweek, there's a guy in the Marylebone branch called Andy who dresses beautifully and he'd be great at helping (I think he's the manager there).

Additionally you can buy off the peg suits on Saville Row, so it's well worth starting there. Most tailors specialise in a certain style, so get googling and do your research before you're in London. Actually, I'd recommend starting off online to begin with as that way you'll know exactly what you're looking for - vent/no vent, three button/two button etc etc

sansucre Mon 31-Jan-11 20:04:45

Just remembered - Brioni on Bruton St. Amazing suits. Silly expensive though but worth every penny!

LoveMyGirls Mon 31-Jan-11 20:37:42

I knew it would be expensive but maybe these places are too expensive blush for 1 suit? If he loses weight or gains weight I've wasted a lot of money.

I was thinking more like £200-300 is that just impossible for a tailor made suit?

LoveMyGirls Mon 31-Jan-11 20:38:32

Maybe I would be better off looking in another part of the country, maybe birmingham or somewhere?

chickinlickin Mon 31-Jan-11 20:45:48

My DH gets his from Marc Wallace in Fulham. They make beautiful suits in standard sizes but will tailor each one individually for a perfect fit. He always gets them in the sale and pays (I think) about £300 - £400.

mum295 Mon 31-Jan-11 20:56:51

Dress2Kill do the online suit service for £250.

<Here endeth the plug for D2K...promise I am not on commission...>

sansucre Mon 31-Jan-11 20:58:51

The only place you will get a tailor made suit for a couple of hundred pounds is Hong Kong.

If you want a good suit, sadly it costs money. A well made suit will last a lifetime.. Chickinlickin's suggestion is good.

Additionally, it's worth asking about locally to where you live if there are any good tailors as chances are, you could probably get a suit made to measure for a reasonable price that way

mum295 Mon 31-Jan-11 21:27:19

One other idea would be to buy an off-the-peg suit from a shop and have it tailored to him.

Our local John Lewis used to offer that service if you bought a suit from them, but that was ages ago.

I know that more recently, DH bought some trousers from Charles Tyrwhitt and the trousers were "unfinished" so that you could take them to be tailored to your leg length or they could measure and have them done for you for an extra £10. Those were not suit trousers but were only around £50 in the sale. Don't know if they, or others, offer that service for suits.

SlightlyTubbyHali Mon 31-Jan-11 21:33:37

A suit that fits are worth a look.

I think my DH's 2 jackets and 4 pairs of trousers were around £700 in total, so in your price range. They're really nice, and as they've opened branches all over the country you might be able to get any future alterations done very easily.

Monadami Tue 01-Feb-11 01:18:42

I was going to suggest 40 Saville Row for made to measure, but looking at their website very expensive now. My ex bought two suits from them several years ago and they were beautiful, fitted like a glove.

Failing that. They make great tailored suits in the Far East and they don't even need to see you. You just submit measurements requested and in a few weeks, you have a wonderful suit at a very reasonable price. Quite a few companies trading on Ebay.

anonymosity Tue 01-Feb-11 01:59:41

What about a suit that is altered to fit the wearer?
You can find some really beautiful existing suits by lots of different designers in Selfridges men's dept and they will adjust them for you within a couple of days: taking up legs, sleeves, making the back slimmer etc - whatever is possible that you might need.

AmableDawn Tue 25-Dec-12 05:34:49

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HollyMadison Tue 25-Dec-12 06:52:52

Neil Birkett at Birketts in St Margaret's (SW London, one stop on from Richmond) does lovely suits. You could have lunch in Richmond and make a day of it. My DH had the suit he wore for our wedding made there and it is really lovely. Jacket and trousers for around 700. Think you would need to come back and try on maybe a couple of times to finalise it.

emsyj Tue 25-Dec-12 11:41:53

DH has got bespoke suits from English Tailoring in Canary Wharf (the guy there is ex Savile Row) and he's been delighted with the service and quality. But you're looking at £800 upwards, depending on fabric for bespoke - DH's were over £1k each shock.

As others have said, you might be best to pick an off the peg suit and have it professionally fitted to make it look just right - or perhaps get some beautiful tailored shirts instead, which you could get a couple of within budget.

If you can stretch the budget a lot bit then you would never regret the investment in a classic, immaculately fitted suit - they last for ever.

crazybutterflylady Wed 26-Dec-12 07:58:25

suitsupply are fantastic. My Dh has to have all his suits tailored as he v tall and broad shouldered but skinny hipped (a v shape basically!), he has used these for over 5 years and swears by them. I am sure they'd be able to do one within your budget.

Incidentally he used dress2kill for our wedding and they totally ruined his suit, I'd warn you to steer clear - sorry to disagree with previous poster...

crazybutterflylady Wed 26-Dec-12 07:59:37

Oh, also suitsupply will alter suits (within reason) should your DH need it!

crazybutterflylady Wed 26-Dec-12 08:04:10

Sorry that doesn't make sense, I mean once they've made his suit, should he change shape they can often sort it out.
Depending on fabric they should be able to do one for about £300-350, because they work using blocks rather than tailoring from scratch and using a toile etc so they are a good middle ground way of getting a 'tailored' suit at a more moderate price.

bruffin Wed 26-Dec-12 08:13:11

Zombie thread

auredry Mon 31-Dec-12 07:23:13

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Autumn12 Mon 31-Dec-12 07:34:57

My DH got a suit from A Suit that Fits for about £300. It was a really nice suit. You can get a price to suit your budget depending on things like how many pockets you choose etc.

SmithDavid Sat 05-Jan-13 10:18:41

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