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Please help me find some 'going out' tops!

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BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 16-Jan-11 08:35:07

I'm having a wardrobe crisis. Went to a party on Friday night and realised that I looked like a frumpy middle age mum (there's a reason for that...)

I really need to some good party clothes - probably tops I can wear with Jeans. I am a size 8/10 but short. OK arms, average chest. But the key thing is that I need something which doesn't cling to my tummy because I am really showing the affects of two babies. I also want at least one top that isn't black/ grey and is instead a bit colourful and funky. I'm willing to pay a decent amount for a few good tops. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction, please?

Oh and also, I need to be able to order on line as I don't live in the UK (but US on line shops ok too!)


lilacisinlove Sun 16-Jan-11 10:03:06

This is £££ but would accentuate your waist and cover your tummy. How about this or this?

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 16-Jan-11 10:12:21

Thanks for looking Lilac! Of those, I like the Jaeger one best but wonder if it isn't more the kind of thing I might wear for work rather than party? I do really like it but I'd want to try it on before buying it because I'm unsure whether it is 'party' enough (and I can't try it on because I'm not in the UK). I guess I really want something a bit more young (in denial that I am not that young myself anymore...)

Of the other two; not keen on the purple and because I am short don't think I could carry off the floaty one very well (although I do like it).
Thanks again.

Bonsoir Sun 16-Jan-11 10:18:14

If you have good arms but want to skim your tummy, Marni is great for cut, and very timeless.

Red silk

Powder pink

Floral tie front

Gillybobs Sun 16-Jan-11 14:38:25

this comes in a few colours this is really eyecatching like this too

cornonthecob Sun 16-Jan-11 16:14:55

to go with jeans, how about off one shoulder tunic tops or halternecks tops tunic style!

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 16-Jan-11 17:04:35

Thanks for the suggestions. Bonsoir:I think this is maybe the root of my current fashion crisis. I like all those tops that you have linked to but wonder if they aren't a bit too sensible? I'm not yet middle age (30's). I used to be relatively attractive and probably still am with a bit of effort. I look at my single friends who are the same age and they still look really sharp. I'm wondering if there is anyway I can get back to this or if I have to accept that knackered post birth body means dressing 'sensibly' rather than to look hot these days.

Gillybobs I like the the first of those tops except for the neck bit...

Am I a lost cause? I used to go out to parties knowing that I looked great. These days I kind of settle for whatever doesn't make me look fat and that's kind of depressing. (I know part of the answer is to lose the baby tummy and I am working on that.)

FaffTastic Sun 16-Jan-11 17:11:34

I like the Biba one that Gillybobs suggested. Also, these might be flattering on your tum:

lace detail

not my kind of thing but might be yours?

brilliant tummy concealer

much nicer in real life

would look good with skinnie jeans and heels

would look good with indigio coloured jeans and black heels

Menagerie Sun 16-Jan-11 17:14:41

What are your friends wearing that you think looks so funky and sharp? What is it that you love about their style? The colour? Cut? Fabric? Designer? Put key words into a Google search and see what comes up. Or tell us and we'll have a look. (Not that I'm a fashion queen but I love to look for clothes for other people.)

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 16-Jan-11 17:24:35

Faff - thanks for putting so many links up. I've looked at the all and of them all, the one I like best is the first one but it's still not hitting the spot and I'm not sure why. I think being short is part of it. The model in that picture is apparently 5'9 and I am more like 5'1...

Menagerie: I know what I want to be wearing. I've got a cupboard full of the clothes I'd love to wear to a party. But my shape has fundamentally altered since having kids and there's no going back to that even if I lose weight (and I'm not really fat just lumpy and bumpy). So my single friends are all in great dresses which I simply couldn't carry off these days. But if you can find some funky, not black going out tops which flatter a tummy with too much overhang then I'd be really grateful!

CoteDAzur Sun 16-Jan-11 17:41:39

Sequined tops are great to hide flabby tummies. Best are the ones with sequin detail on the upper part, diverting attention from the tummy.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 16-Jan-11 17:45:15

Cote that sounds like the kind of thing I am after. Don't suppose you have any links...?

chakalaka Sun 16-Jan-11 19:03:27

I went to French Connection today and they always have fantastic sales on this time of year. They had a gorgeous black top, quite floaty (so hide any tummy or love handles) and beautiful classy detail at the neck. It was a really classic top, it would last for years. I'm quite funky and would have worn it with leather style trousers and stillies, but would it would have looked just as nice with a pair of flared or fitted trousers. Zara also do some lovely tops for going out.

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