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Crazy crazy curls

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couldtryharder Sat 15-Jan-11 22:30:19

I have really curyly/frizzy hair and it's so boring. When it's dry, which takes hours after waching, I look like Chrystal Tips. It's as close to afro hair as western hair could get. My mothers side of the family are Persian and have lucious dark, softly curled sexy hair. Me? A fuzzy birds nest. I put a lot of rubbish in it to try to control it but not much seems to work. It's not so bad when it's damp but is crazy from then on. I can't even describe what it looks like in the morning! Any tips on good products? Never been able to find a hairdresser that knew what to do with it - they all think they do, but I walk out after 20 minutes, £40 lighter with my hair pulled up in a scrunching coz they've combed all the curl out of my hair and tried to tame it with a 5p sized blob of serum. HELP!

hobbittoes Sun 16-Jan-11 07:24:26

I use d:fi d:struct 1st one here on damp hair and leave to dry naturally. keeps my curls nice and seperate.

OldAndUngraceful Sun 16-Jan-11 07:53:00

Why don't you try the Brazilian blow dry? It is pricey but it sounds like in your case it would be worth the money!

Emo76 Sun 16-Jan-11 10:33:17

I have similar hair and agree most hairdressers are hopeless with it - never use enough product and fluff it up whilst trying to blow dry it! I ALWAYS do my hair whilst it is wet with Tigi Curls Rock curl amplifier and leave it to dry naturally - I must be the only person in my office coming to work with wet hair but it's better than looking a frizzy mess! I use a denman brush to work it through, no combs as I find they just add to the frizz. Also I use Pantene smooth and sleek conditioner and neutrogena dry hair shampoo sometimes (I don't always shampoo) I wear my hair up a lot too.

Looking forward to seeing if anyone puts a miracle cure on this thread - some people say my hair is beautiful but I HATE it - at best I look like Shirley Temple and it's funny you mention Crystal Tipps as that's what my husband calls me...!

franch Sun 16-Jan-11 13:23:05

Read through this very long thread - you will find a solution on there I promise - or at least one you can adapt. The Tightly Curly website is an absolute godsend.

couldtryharder Sun 16-Jan-11 14:11:58

Thanks ladies. Will try all your suggestions. LOL Emo and the blow drying hairdressers! I too have people tell me how lucky I am that I have such curly hair and how people pay good money to get theirs like it, but they don't have to walk round with a 'highly flamable' sign on them coz they've used so much product to keep the curl for even an hour that the heat from a lightbulb could turn me into a human torch!

ChestnutSoup Sun 16-Jan-11 14:34:10

I think a lot of it is to do with the cut - ask at a decent salon for the stylist who is good with curly hair (they should be able to answer straight away with no hesitations - if not, walk away!). I have recently had my very curly hair cut into a short A-line bob (shorter at the back and to my chin at the front), which I would have thought a disaster but it really works.

I use shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair (even though it isn't) then when it's wet I put on Frizz Ease for coarse hair followed by Aussie Frizz Control. Like emo I always leave it to dry naturally, and when it's almost dry I use John Frieda's Secret Agent cream to calm the fluff. In between washes (I wash twice a week) I use a very wide tooth comb (an Afro one) to remove tangles, then smooth on a little bit of Frizz Control (mixed with a bit of Aussie Leave-In Conditioner if it's starting to feel a bit heavy), which keeps the curls separated but not frizzy. If I need to use a brush, it's a Mason Pearson natural bristle.


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