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quick fix? hair dyed tooooo dark

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lilly153 Thu 13-Jan-11 20:17:07

i put a light brown on my hair and it is jet black ive washed it now 4 times and all though its toned down ever soo slightly its still really black im far too pale for dark hair
r their any quick fixes i have college in the morn so have no time to go buy anything

dye was put in tonight

brimfull Thu 13-Jan-11 20:21:03

you can buy stuff in boots called b4 summat that works a treat at getting the dark dye out
but nowt you can do before then I don't think

brimfull Thu 13-Jan-11 20:21:23


HairExtensions Thu 13-Jan-11 21:18:46

Lilly I used the Colour B4 a couple of days ago, it worked a treat. If you really need to do something before tomorrow then you need to try something like a strong shampoo, I've heard that Head and Shoulders Original is really good for fading colour or you can try washing up liquid (put straight on to dry hair, lather then rinse) but you really need to condition well after. If you can get through tomorrow (try tying/pinning hair so less visible) then use the colour B4, there are two strengths and again really condition well after. Good luck smile

miche8 Thu 13-Jan-11 21:34:03

Head and shoulders will fade it, as will the swimming pool. I've used the colour remover from savers about £5 was very good but you make need to dye your hair again afterwards.

Havingkittens Thu 13-Jan-11 22:02:29

Yep, Head and Shoulders. I was about to suggest that too but I see two people have beaten me to it! Obviously once you have the colour you want don't ever use Head and Shoulders again wink

wickedfairy Thu 13-Jan-11 22:02:39

Fairy Liquid - seriously. It does a better job than head and shoulders, strips some of the colour out.

Wash your hair in that a few times - you will need to condition well after it though. ime it has to be real fairy liquid, the others don't quite have the same ferocious stripping effect. Good luck - I have been there too!

southeastastra Thu 13-Jan-11 22:03:09

it is permanent?

lilly153 Fri 14-Jan-11 23:33:18

im not sure if its permanent i would imagein so it was a mobile hairdresser that done it i didnt even let her blow dry my hair im so gutted ive tried every shampoo washed my hair 9 times between last night and today my hair is like straw
what is this B4 thing yous are talking bout if i go into boots will it just be next to the hair dies? and is it called B4 ive never heard of it before
and fairy liquid not tried that yet will try that in the morning before i head out n see if that works as well
thanks alot for the help

Curiousmama Fri 14-Jan-11 23:38:17

I'd tell hairstylist though she should be putting it right. Although doubt I'd trust her. I'm a hairstylist and this shouldn't happen.

If it is permanent then it's hard to remove, may need colour remover in salon? Head and shoulders can fade it. Hope the b4 stuff helps?

lilly153 Sat 15-Jan-11 15:30:48

I got the b4 stuff in tescos this morning I've still not tried the fairy liquid yet will do that first see if it does any good

Curiousmama Sat 15-Jan-11 17:21:39

I wouldn't use fairy liquid. It's a detergent will strip your hair even more. Use the b4 stuff if you've got it.

talkingnonsense Sat 15-Jan-11 17:26:07

Soak it in olive oil for ten min then wash, this is supposed to loosen the dye.

lilly153 Tue 18-Jan-11 16:11:21

i did use fairy liquid first before i read ur message curiousmama but it just left my hair all streaky and still black ended up using the b4 stuff wich left me with my natural hair colour but with some orange strips i then just put my normal brown colour through it and im very please to say my hair is back to normal
thanks for all the tips and info

Curiousmama Tue 18-Jan-11 17:12:30


HAWright Wed 10-Apr-13 14:10:36

I've used colour b4 extra as I dyed my hair near to jet black. Although the top became lighter (a tad ginger unfortunately) the bottoms of my hair were still dark brown. The next day I used the same stripper, but brushed it through into the ends to try and remove the dark brown again, but it didn't work so I have seriously ginger roots, I also tried lemon juice, baking soda and head and shoulders shampoo of which none helped, I'm currently attempting fairy liquid which is slightly lightening by every wash. I would certainly not recommend colour b4

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