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highlights - colouring over - daniel field/garnier?

(2 Posts)
HelloMyNameIsHilda Wed 12-Jan-11 21:32:25

anyone used it?

I've had highlights in my mid brown grey hair for the past 9 month but am tiring of them the cost and thinking of going red again...I know it's a risk over the highlights but I though the danield field colours sounded good, also the highlighting kit you can get from him which I could use to break up the colour a bit once done

also saw garnier nutrisse do that sort of system with the highlighters designed for different shades of coloured hair eg brown, red, black etc...

I fancy some warmer tones but not a dead block colour, my hair is wavy and some sort of differentiation in the colour helps make it look more like waves/curls and less like a wooly helmet

HelloMyNameIsHilda Thu 13-Jan-11 11:44:33

no one dyed over highlights or used either of these colours?

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