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Feet and how to make them suitable for public view!

(2 Posts)
fairtradefloozy Mon 10-Jan-11 22:38:32

Dear ladies who know more than I ...

I love to wear my fit-flops, flip-flops sandals et al. I have really hard skin on the bottom of my feet and toes and usually have a go with those implements that look like cheese graters or sand paper glued to sticks. I think this might be the year that I have to pay a professional to do something about it (so I can then at least keep it to a dull roar in future!)

Where should I get the hard skin taken off - a podiatrist or pedicurist? And what are paraffin waxes? I have never had a pedicure or podiatrist visit so have no idea what might represent good value for money either.

Any pointers welcome, thank you in advance ladies of loveliness.

Here's to pretty feet in 2011.

letshereitfortheboys Mon 10-Jan-11 23:31:51

Never heard of paraffin wasxes but I went to a podiatrist and she used a drilly-angle grinder-type thingy on my feet as they obviously needed some industrial treatment. It worked a treat for a while and I would definitely go back. Cost me about 25 quid and I claimed most of that back through Westfield Health. A bargain and I got rid of my corns too boot (ha de ha).

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