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After many years of

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HairExtensions Mon 10-Jan-11 22:34:47

hair dye, bleach, tints, highlights, low lights etc etc etc I am now sitting with my hair slathered in Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall.

Thing is, I'm not really sure now that I want to know What Lies Beneath eek!!!

HairExtensions Mon 10-Jan-11 22:39:47

Oh and I smell like rotten eggs too. Yum grin

ShoppingDays Mon 10-Jan-11 23:00:40

So what colour is B4?

Bumperlicious Mon 10-Jan-11 23:00:40

What does it do?

sharbie Mon 10-Jan-11 23:02:26

how's it looking??

HairExtensions Mon 10-Jan-11 23:48:41

It's supposed to take off artificial colour and return you to your natural shade, or bleached shade if you've previously lightened your hair.

My hair is wet so not able to tell the true result yet but I am expecting it to be a brassy, gingery blonde colour with dirty blonde/light brown roots. I don't think I'm going to be disappointed grin Oh yes and with maybe a bit of grey thrown it.

My overall aim is to return to a medium blonde but I was too shock at salon prices for colour reversal/correction.

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