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Urgent Hair Colour advice needed!

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paarrp Mon 10-Jan-11 18:56:22

Am having my hair dyed professionally for the first time tomorrow and haven't got a clue what to go for or what would suit me.

I am growing out a bob and it has just reached above shoulder length.

I've been dying it at home (nice and easy 118 I think) for about the last 15 years but felt that I needed a bit of a change. Also as it gets longer its just such a faff for me to do.

So - I have dark brown hair (with an every increasing number of greys) - I am olive skinned (tan v easily in the summer, but slightly green undertones in the winter).
Have dark brown eyes.

Clothes wise I tend to wear a lot of grey, black, plums, purples, navy, dark reds.

So, what would suit me?

I don't know whether to stick to dark brown or to think about getting some lighter colours in there - I can't really seem to find any inspiration anywhere so need your help!

hairbygeorgina Mon 10-Jan-11 19:21:22

Hi I'm a hairdresser and Ive just gone from blond to brown, its always a good idea to go for a warmer colour brown as its easy for it to go green if there is no warmth added.
To start though you may find going brown all over is quite a shock or to much of one colour for you, with your tones it would be a good idea to have a warm brown with some highlights runing through aswell, the benefits to this are that it will breakup the block colour and when your hair grows the natural grey highlights coming through will blend better. Good luck and enjoy the pamper hope this helps

Gillybobs Mon 10-Jan-11 19:26:34

Sounds like you are very warm toned so I'd ask for a warm dark brown base colour and a few coppery/golden low lights through it to break it up. As previous poster said this means regrowth not quite so obvious. Wish it was me going tomorrow! Enjoy

paarrp Tue 11-Jan-11 07:46:51

thank you both - you've confirmed what I was thinking of

Will report back this afternoon!

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