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planestrainsautomobiles Mon 10-Jan-11 15:17:19

Fairly new to Mumsnet but already had lots of good recommendations. Hoping someone can help with something a little more obscure...

I really love Dr. Nikki Alexander's wardrobe on Silent Witness - does anyone know where I might find some of the lovely shirts she wore last week?

If not, any ideas on where to get some nice floaty type blouses that look good with skinnies. Fed up on wearing t-shirt type tops with cardies with skinnies or jumper dresses.

Plus would hide a little muffin top (which should be shredded soon - another good recommendation)


dexter73 Mon 10-Jan-11 15:22:14

Warehouse have some - swallow print

planestrainsautomobiles Mon 10-Jan-11 15:40:21

Thanks Dexter73 - they look gorgeous.

Looks like Warehouse is a good bet - they've got one in town so think I'll try them on - only thing I'm wondering is if they come up quite long on me (I'm only 5' 1" ish).

Just spotted a plain cream blouse in Joules in the sale for £15 ish so might go for that and try and dress it up with accessories. But maybe too boring ..... as you can see I'm not very adventurous!!

www.joules.com/en-GB/Womens-Shirt/Antique-Creme/J_ GAYLE/ProductDetail.raction

dexter73 Mon 10-Jan-11 15:42:34

That Joules one might be better if you are not very tall. It is very pretty.

traceybath Mon 10-Jan-11 16:45:56

I agree her wardrobe is fab - makes up for her annoying facial expressions wink

KurriKurri Mon 10-Jan-11 16:57:53

I think she had one with butterflies on too, which I thought was pretty. Can't find one the same - a little bit like this one maybe?

moragdingdongbellingham Mon 10-Jan-11 17:48:08

Kurri I think that is the butterfly one isn't it!

The warehouse one is not excessively long - I'm 5'2" and it was a good length. I did size down though.

Did wonder how she manages to work all day in those lovely but super high shoesconfused

Bucharest Mon 10-Jan-11 17:51:26

I've always admired her cardigans and boots.

Which she seems to have an awful lot of.

Thought the frock she tried on last week though when the psycho woman put the other stuff in her bag was very frumpy.

planestrainsautomobiles Mon 10-Jan-11 17:56:10

Kurri - just got very excited and then when I clicked through to TS the top is out of stock. Very disappointed as it had been reduced to £15 (bargain!!!) Oh well. sad

Thats morag re: Warehouse sizing, will try it on in that case, just worried it might swamp me a little. I was also obsessed about her very high heels last week.

traceybath Mon 10-Jan-11 18:11:33

Thing is all her stuff will be last year's won't it because of when it was filmed.

Her necklace was a gold Alex Munroe dragonfly though - I did notice that.

loler Mon 10-Jan-11 18:16:34

I've just had this Joules top looks really nice on, also comes in cream

polyhymnia Mon 10-Jan-11 18:42:54

Sorry a bit off-topic, but traceybath I'd never heard of Alex Monroe before but just googled and some of the things look really lovely. I'm not a fan of 'classic' jewellery in general but these are a little bit different. Also see they have everything in silver,which I prefer. MN is certainly great at giving me new ideas to spend the ££s I haven't really got (lily and lionel was another discovery here). Do you have some of the the Monroe pieces?

mistressploppy Mon 10-Jan-11 18:51:42

I love Alex Monroe AND I've met him <smug> and he is a lovely foppish English gent, such a sweetie. I have loads of his stuff (I'm in the trade) and wear it all the time

Clure Mon 10-Jan-11 18:54:38

planestrains - I'm a 5'1 and a size 6 and the warehouse blouse swamped me when I tried it on. I tried this one on in an aged 12 thinking may go back and get it! Also noticed some nice chiffon blouses in primark this week

Guacamole Mon 10-Jan-11 18:56:00

I just googled Alex Monroe too, I so know what I now want for my birthday!

traceybath Mon 10-Jan-11 19:48:11

I've got the baby bee necklace in silver (present as have a baby DD called Bea).

Its really lovely - I haven't taken it off since christmas day smile

So will we all be watching tonight to suss out her wardrobe.

Must say I did a lot of rolled up jeans with heels last summer presumably when it was filmed so its almost like emilia and I are sartorial soul-mates wink

She is uber-slim though so most stuff looks fab on her.

planestrainsautomobiles Mon 10-Jan-11 20:48:00

Thanks for all the responses. Traceybath - sounds like you're a few steps ahead of me in the trends dept.

Alex Monroe jewellery looks fab !! Maybe something else to add to the list? Polyhymnia I got one of these chakra bracelets for christmas which are a little different.

Clure - thanks for the heads-up on the warehouse blouse, I haven't got a primark close by so won't get there easily.

Happy Viewing!! grin

UnrequitedSkink Mon 10-Jan-11 20:51:33

I just googled Alex Monroe and fear you have just bankrupted me forever.

Guacamole Mon 10-Jan-11 21:09:03

She's wearing the feather one that I was about to add to my birthday list tonight.

polyhymnia Mon 10-Jan-11 23:09:46

Only wish I'd clocked Alex Monroe before Christmas - a long time to my birthday in late summer! May have to justify treating myself before then - but to what? So many possibilities ...

Peepsy Thu 13-Jan-11 15:33:51

New to Mumsnet but hoping someone can help with something else along these lines....

I really love Dr. Nikki Alexander's bag on Silent Witness - it was a tan leather half moon shape messenger bag with a cream wide fabric strap. Does anyone know where I might find one?

notyummy Thu 13-Jan-11 16:24:09

You know, I do like her clothes, but DH pointed out how haggard her face is around the neck. 'Chickeny and unattaractive' were his exact words. I don't think she is that old either - do you think she is trying too hard to stay skinny for TV and running into the whole face/arse dilemma that apparently hits at some point after 30?

carciofi Thu 13-Jan-11 20:05:14

Peepsy, I think it is a Mulberry Bonnie bag.

FrameyMcFrame Fri 14-Jan-11 08:08:37

She's about the same age as me maybe a bit older, she was at drama school with my housemate when I was at college and she came round to our house a few times. So that would make her36 or 37.
She was quite stuck up.

Saltire Fri 14-Jan-11 08:12:10

She was pregnant when she filmed some of those scenes, she had a little girl in November

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