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Does anyone have problems using the Boden website from their iPad?

(8 Posts)
5DollarShake Mon 10-Jan-11 13:33:28

This happened to me before, and I ended up using my laptop to make the purchase, but I'm waiting for BT to switch on broadband so restricted to the iPad.

Basically, once you've chosen something, there are two blue buttons to select from - 'add to bag' and 'go to checkout'. On the ipad, they're slightly shaded and nothing happens if you press them.

Is this a problem for anyone else...?

HotchpotchHoney Mon 10-Jan-11 13:35:43

i can use the boden site fine on ds1's ipad.
i usually have the page enlarged though so not sure if that makes a difference? (i'm blind as a bat and can;t find my glasses hence makign everything bigger on the ipad.)

5DollarShake Mon 10-Jan-11 13:59:14

Thanks for replying Hotchpotch - that doesn't make any difference unfortunately. How odd!! I want to spend money and they're stopping me!! shock

DirtyMartini Mon 10-Jan-11 19:27:20

Your thread title is a wet dream for the MN-stereotyping brigade grin

(I am not saying that to be bitchy, I just think it's funny)

DirtyMartini Mon 10-Jan-11 19:28:58

Is it maybe a Flash thing -- does the Boden website use Flash? I don't have an ipad but I do have an ipod touch and I seem to recall reading that Flash isn't supported by Apple products.

Sounds unlikely though, now that I am telling you, so maybe I am wrong. Just thought I should try to be more helpful than in my last post.

RustyBear Mon 10-Jan-11 19:40:17

I just tried- it didn't work at first, because when you touch the grid to choose the size & colour it just highlights it and the add to bag link doesn't work. You have to touch the grid again to make the size/colour box turn green and then you can add it to your bag.

Now can anyone tell me how to empty my bag, as I have a rather nice pair of boots in there costing £153 and I am fighting the temptation to go to checkout....

5DollarShake Mon 10-Jan-11 20:09:22

Ha ha Dirty grin

I don't usually shop at Boden, but there's a frock on there that I want from the sale.

Rusty - thanks so much - that's solved it!!

PieMinister Mon 10-Jan-11 21:07:38


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