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Do you wear 'wrap' style dresses and how often?

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Pinkflipflop Sun 09-Jan-11 21:20:28

I am considering buying a black 'faux' wrap style dress as I always admire how other people look in them!!

However I am worried they could look a little bland.

My questions are:
do people really own wrap dresses that they wear on a daytime basis? Obviously I know that with killer heels and a subtle piece of bling, it would be great!!

How can I accessorize a wrap for daytime wear?

Can you link to any that you would suggest as a good buy?

Thanks grin

knitknack Sun 09-Jan-11 21:25:56

I can't link to any because I buy all mine on ebay (sigh!) but I wear them all the time - I'm a teacher so I always wear a slip underneath! I love them - I suppose they can be quite bland, but that's OK for work! I just wear them with tights and boots.

I have quite a few 'faux' wrap dresses too, and they're even more flattering, in my opinion - for some reason they don't make me look pregnant like those dresses that have no defined waist do (the body sort of comes out straight from the bust and basically billows around my belly like some malevolent belly-billower)...

anyway, this post is no use whatsoever, but i'm looking forward to your more useful answers!

BikeRunSki Sun 09-Jan-11 21:28:41

I have a Boden black faux wrap dress which I wear about once a fortnight to work (only work 3 days a week). I would wear ti more often if I could work out how to accesorise it and make it less dull. Nice dress though, just dull.

Isabella Oliver 365 (their non-maternity collection) has fab wrap dresses, but plain.

My problem with wrap typoe dresses is that in plain colours they see either dull(black, grey) or overpowering (pink, red) and when I find a patterned one the pattern is really frumpy (Boden seem think I want to look like 1970s crockery).

I like the idea of a wrap dress much more than the practice.

Pinkflipflop Sun 09-Jan-11 21:30:10

Knitknack - I am a teacher too and I don't want anything that is remotely sexy just stylish but understated.

What 'make' do you look for on e-bay?

Pinkflipflop Sun 09-Jan-11 21:31:04

How do people accessorize these dresses

Miggsie Sun 09-Jan-11 21:33:09

I hate them, they are an excuse for a designer not to bother shaping a dress to a woman's curves, and it also takes less skill to make. I prefer properly cut dresses, which is why I end up making my own.

I do wish the mania for wrap dresses would go away, when you see them in the catalogues even the model wearing them looks rubbish.

knitknack Sun 09-Jan-11 21:39:21

I don't accessorize them blush unless you'd count a cardigan? and every now and then a necklace if I remember?

Personally I like boden (their 'long' range is great for teaching - come to the top of my boots so no leg on show AND can wear falke so-thick-they're-practically-felted tights. I have some old whitestuff dresses I got on ebay which are amazing quality which they don't seem to be any more when I've tried them on in shops (they seem really thin now)... dvf (don't laugh, I've got them for £20!), most highstreet... do you have a store that you know 'fits' you (everybody seems to have one) - I'd do a search for that particular brand.

M&S do these brilliant slips that you can wear one way for a v-neck, or the other way for a higher scoop neck (great for school!) and keep everything all shipshape and above board.

knitknack Sun 09-Jan-11 21:40:35

I like them on me blush but i am quite tall so with most other dresses the waist is up under my boobage

Teachermumof3 Sun 09-Jan-11 21:40:41

I'm a teacher and have lots of wrap dresses!! I think they are very flattering to my shape (presumably why I have bought so many...) and are v easy to wear with a long sleeved tight white or black t-shirt underneath/leggings and boots in winter and short leggings and birkies in the summer!

I have a couple of 'faux' wrap dresses and find they are really crap. They have no shape as you can't adjust them to fit you properly. I am 5 foot 3, a size 10/12 with big boobs and find that wrap dresses sort of define your boobs without making you look like you've got one big sausage(!) and they come in at the waist so that you don't look pregnant.

higgle Mon 10-Jan-11 07:45:59

I have a couple I wear to work, I work for a charity for older people and I need to look respectable and not intimidating, so I tend tto wear patterned dresses that are well covered up with a cardi or boiled wool jacket.
This look is very comfortable and flattering ( though of course I have a total image change once I get home from work as I am really not that sort of a girl) I must the only person around to seek out Brora for work!

HotchpotchHoney Mon 10-Jan-11 10:04:46

I wear wrap dresses for work, not sure i would wear them day to day for other reasons. except maybe killer heels and jewellery etc for a night out.
i'm tall and curvy so i find the wrap pulls me in and gives me a waist. i usually wear a camisole underneath for work otherwise i'd be flashing my underwear to all the men i work with!

BadPoet Mon 10-Jan-11 11:54:46

knitknack - WHERE have you got dvf wrap dresses for £20?? grin And can you link to the magic m&s slips you speak of?

I love wrap and faux wrap dresses - they suit my shape (pear with well defined small waist). Thick tights, cardi, scarf or necklace for daytime wear. I usually wear them with boots. Possibly a bit bland but so comfy!

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