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Alternative to Uggs?

(3 Posts)
CoffeeMum Sun 09-Jan-11 11:48:13

I love my Uggs and the casualness of them, and I wear them every day. Unfortunately, they are wrecking my feet [i think because they're not very supportive?] They don't hurt while on, but i'm getting corns and nasty patches on my feet, so I think my Ugg days might be numbered.

Can anyone recommend any other casual, chunky, flat boots - suitable for daily wear?
Would ideally spend £100, but could stretch to £150, or even a bit more for something really durable or special.

Thanks in advance! smile

Goldberry Sun 09-Jan-11 11:53:03

I recently bought a pair of Fly London 'Mes' boots, as recommended by many on MN. They are fab - comfortable, stylish and feel like really good quality. They have a nice chunky look to them - I don't like more 'girly' styles so much.
I wear them all the time, but not in heavy rain as they are not very waterproof. They come in quite a few colours too. Cheapest I found them was on the Javari website. HTH

CoffeeMum Sun 09-Jan-11 11:58:02

I like them, thanks Goldberry, that's exactly the kind of thing i was thinking of! Bit worried about the non-waterproof thing as i'm out and about alot but maybe i could weatherproof them or something...
Nice pricetag too, will go and investigate, thanks! smile

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