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message for havingkittens

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miche8 Sat 08-Jan-11 10:50:07

Hi you seem to know your stuff are you a makeup artist or beauty therapist?

I have a problem with very dark under eye circles i always have even as a child by they have got much darker since having children. I do get a good amount of sleep and diet is fairly good and i drink loads of water. I'm very pale skinned so the circles show more, i try to avoid the sun due to uneven skin tone, i can't get on with fake tan but have used sunbeds in the past and i look so much better but then i feel so guilty, i'm hoping you have some suggestions before i end up hiring a sun bed.

I'm currently using the liz earl eye cream and sometimes a no.7 one but the no7 one is glittery. Is there better out there? I'm 32 by the way but look a little younger compared to my sun worshipping friends, just starting to get very fine lines and dry crepy skin around the eyes, but it only shows when wearing makeup, so i tend to avoid eye makeup and just wear concealer under my eyes.

Concealer wise i've tried loads of the more expensive brands, ysl, benefit, bobbi brown. Also used loads of cheaper versions of the ysl gold pen, i think that type doesnt make the lines and dry skin show as much but isnt heavyduty enough to cover. And if i use a thick concealer it covers a little better but shows the lines and drys my skin.

Also should i put foundation under my eyes? and if so should it be under or over the foundation? Currently using bare minerals as i like the light feel of it on my skin, some days i used just concealer. Am considering a glowy wet foundation either dior, lancome or chanel.

Do you have any suggestions?

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