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what to wear? cripes

(2 Posts)
OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-Jan-11 14:39:00

Im fed up of living in jeans and crap tops and a cardy to breast feed in

I have some cash

tell me what to buy

Im 5 ft 6 and currently a size 16 but normally am a size 10 so will be making efforts to loose the bulge and get back to my size 10 body.

Im complete squidge round the middle and my thights are huge (normally a vase shape)

please help me dress my postnatal 3 stone over weight vase body?

oh, and ive just bought this one eyebrow botoxed so you can permanently look condescendingly at people here because I own no skirts, and thoght I should

but what do i wear it with?

OnlyWantsOne Fri 07-Jan-11 14:39:37


bought this

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