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Dh has started wearing tanktops

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Deaddei Mon 03-Jan-11 17:15:35

He assured me they were for golf, but no.
One came out on XMas day, one on New years eve.
They are very expensive Gant ones, but still make him look like his dad. He is 51, not 81.

Carrotsandcelery Mon 03-Jan-11 17:16:56

My dh is 38 and now has 2 tank tops. I am in denial personally. They just don't exist grin

OrangeMarmalade Mon 03-Jan-11 17:17:52


belledechocchipcookie Mon 03-Jan-11 17:18:00

That's grounds for divorce. You need to put this in Legal Matters and ask for a good lawyer.

Deaddei Mon 03-Jan-11 17:18:54

What colour are they.
DH's are merry grey and black.
And I bet they'll need hand washing and then shrink......

Carrotsandcelery Mon 03-Jan-11 17:20:15

Oh Deaddei - there is a plan! grin

Tortington Mon 03-Jan-11 17:20:17

have you told him hes a nobber?

ASecretLemonadeDrinker Mon 03-Jan-11 17:33:06

lord, I thought you meant vest tops i.e bare arms.

CointreauVersial Mon 03-Jan-11 17:37:08

DH has a couple of tank-tops, but they pale into insignificance beside the sleeveless black fleece zip-up gilet he insists on wearing to work whenever the weather gets cold. It has a red lining and make him look like an unemployed postman.

BelligerentGhoul Mon 03-Jan-11 17:39:28

You think that's bad. Mine is 42 and insists on wearing black work shoes with blue jeans. There should be a support group for women who have to out up with such things!

BelligerentGhoul Mon 03-Jan-11 17:39:48


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 03-Jan-11 17:41:38

Lemonade, that's what a tank top is... isn't it?

TrillianAstra Mon 03-Jan-11 17:42:14

Is this him?

said Mon 03-Jan-11 17:43:07

I like 'em. There.

TrillianAstra Mon 03-Jan-11 17:43:15

Tank top could be a sleeveless t-shirt (vest, wife-beater) or could be the Chandler Bing style 'sweater vest'.

I think the OP is referring to the latter, sinceshe is worried they may need handwashing.

KindleTheSky Mon 03-Jan-11 17:43:26

Tank tops are cool, he should wear it with a bow tie and possibly a Fez.

TrillianAstra Mon 03-Jan-11 17:43:55

"Tank tops are cool"

You can keep saying it, doesn't make it true wink

CointreauVersial Mon 03-Jan-11 17:45:25

I fear DH is only a small step away from this.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 03-Jan-11 17:45:54

Trillian, either way I would have to ensure that I/DD accidentally put it in with my boil wash!

YunoYurbubson Mon 03-Jan-11 17:47:07

Ooh I could fancy a man in a tank top.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 03-Jan-11 17:47:16

As long as it doesn't look like this grin

thenightsky Mon 03-Jan-11 17:47:30

The Bastard!! so angry for you OP.

Wait until he goes out and then change the locks. Oh wait... first sort out the bank accounts and squirrel away a tidy sum for yourself.

Ask yourself what are you getting out of this relationship.

Bah... bloody men!


KindleTheSky Mon 03-Jan-11 17:47:30

mmmmmmmmm the Val Doonican look

KindleTheSky Mon 03-Jan-11 17:48:38

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts MY EYES !

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 03-Jan-11 17:50:22

{grin] grin

My DH said to me this summer that he was hot and should he get a tank top. Bearing in mind he still has regular T-shirt tan lines you can imagine my response!

Just vile!

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