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Youtube Tuturials for Hair & Beauty - Anyone use them & can recommend them?

(9 Posts)
NervousNervous Sun 02-Jan-11 14:38:49

Up until now I've but my appearance on the back burner, but last year I worked hard getting back into shape & now I want to make the most of my appearance but I really am a novice. My friend recommended I use these tutorials on youtube but there are so many so was wondering if you can recommend one who covers everything?

Celery Sun 02-Jan-11 15:09:57

I like Pixiwoo, Pixi2woo, Gemsmaquillage, Camiloveskiwi, Lisa Eldridge. A mixture of professional make up artists and girls who just like make up.

womma Sun 02-Jan-11 17:01:21

I love Lisa Eldridge, she's great for make up and skincare and she's lovely too. Have a look.

miche8 Sun 02-Jan-11 21:41:13

I've just been looking at someone mentioned it on another thread, shes great and so far it all looks quite wearable for daytime.

NervousNervous Sun 02-Jan-11 21:52:00

Oh thank you ladies x

applecrumbleandcream Sun 02-Jan-11 22:13:46

Glitterdolz7 is really good too.

NanasInJamas Mon 03-Jan-11 07:41:30

Thanks so much for the Lisa Eldridge links- wonderful!

NervousNervous Tue 04-Jan-11 21:46:55

Right whoever recommended lisa eldridge... i've got a bit addicted! she's so good! i find myself trusting her every word...

otchayaniye Wed 05-Jan-11 08:21:51

I like gossmakeupartist on youtube. Good ideas for more natural makeup rather than the fantasy/fashion/celeb based pixiwoo.

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