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Girlie weekend shopping/eating/drinking in London

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gregssausageroll Sat 01-Jan-11 20:05:29

I have some money I can spend prior on something to wear. What can I wear/buy/take with me that is smart enough if eating out but easy going if wandering around the shops?

I've got my dubarry boots that are comfy but are they too casual?

Thought about those with skinny jeans and take a couple of tops with me?

What do you think?

Our weekend is this weekend so still winter!

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 20:09:02

Just remember that it is always very warm on the tube and in shops, so light layers are the best way to go.

gregssausageroll Sat 01-Jan-11 20:09:45

That is good to know as I am coming down from Aberdeen!

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 20:11:35

I always notice a massive difference in temperature - and I'm only in Birmingham!

Where are you planning on shopping/eating?

gregssausageroll Sat 01-Jan-11 20:13:42

I think lunch is in Covent Garden so probably a bit of shopping around there. No firm plans yet. We're discussing that this week.

If I am honest, I think lunch will stretch to dinner on Saturday as we'll be talking so much so may be more shopping on Sunday!

bellavita Sat 01-Jan-11 20:19:41

I went to London at the back end of Nov and I wore a sweater dress, patterned tights and knee length boots for the day and in the evening, I wore a simple shift dress, high heels and a wrap. To come home in, I wore leggings, the same boots and a sweater dress (different to the one above),

plantsitter Sat 01-Jan-11 20:22:09

I don't know, but never ever ever wear new shoes for a day in London. Not if you value your toes. Seriously (also, I like your boots!).

cabbageroses Sat 01-Jan-11 21:59:41

Look- in London you can wear anything.
If you dress too smartly you will stand out as being up from the country for a trip to town.

The boots are lovely, but just keep it all casual and yes, it's always warmer.

BelligerentGhoul Sat 01-Jan-11 22:02:22

I'd wear the boots with tights and a mini skirt or tights and a silk dress, plus a light jumper, light coat, wristwarmers and a pashmina - but that's because I look crap in jeans.

polyhymnia Sat 01-Jan-11 23:00:07

what cabbageroses said - don't overdo it, and it can be sweltering on tube and in department stores.

bambiandthumper Sun 02-Jan-11 14:24:59

I live in central London, and cabbageroses is right, people wear everything!
Personally I find a good coat is a godsend, if your out and about it doesn't matter what you wear underneath.

How about:
Skinny jeans tucked into boots, with a breton top and a smart, cashmere or well fitting jumper with a good coat over the top.
A good pair of boots, thick woolly tights, a mini skirt and jumper.

If you buy anything I thoroughly recommend Brora jumpers. Otherwise a good pair of jeans, a fab timeless coat and an amazing pair of black heels are all staples that you can justify (at least to yourself wink ) spending money on.

mippy Tue 04-Jan-11 15:15:07

You will feel hot on the tube. OH is from Fife and finds it warm down here.

JakeBrake Tue 04-Jan-11 18:41:01

those boots look very country

not right at all

polyhymnia Tue 04-Jan-11 23:29:23

Actually, you do see boots of absolutely every kind here in London, so I wouldn't necessarily be put off them if they're comfortable.

Btw, the first outfit bambi describes (skinny jeans, etc) is more or less my default London 'uniform', though have been known to wear skirts and dresses too on occasion. Anything you feel good in goes realy, as long as not OTT or too hot.

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