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Men's brown engineer boots

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StayFrosty Fri 31-Dec-10 22:02:33

Oh hi, this is a question on behalf of dh. He wants some brown engineer boots, like chippewa/ redwing/ frye type style, but not as many £££s if possible. He is extremely fussy, so they can't be too like cowboy boots, they can't have too high a heel or be too tall, or have too much detail.

He wants something like this if possible, if anyone knows where he could find a similar thing in this country?


StayFrosty Fri 31-Dec-10 22:46:20


StayFrosty Mon 03-Jan-11 23:33:45


I think he might get some fryes. Which is nice because can i.

peasandlove Tue 04-Jan-11 03:48:05

I like the superdry boots that are out at the moment, not sure if they're exactly what you're after though

Monadami Tue 04-Jan-11 04:01:26

How about these

Or maybe these

or even these

StayFrosty Wed 05-Jan-11 13:38:36


those frye ones are the type he has his heart set on, unfortunatey they only seem to have them in a 7 in brown, so i have emailed to see if they're restocking soon.

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