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CeliaChristmasFate Fri 31-Dec-10 15:02:37

I'd ordered a new outfit to wear tonight. It hasn't come. I had my eyebrows waxed yesterday and have a lovely red burn mark on one of my brow lines where the wax was too hot. I'm v. fed up now. sad

brimfull Fri 31-Dec-10 15:05:58

oh dear
have you anything else to wear
cover burn with makeup
or look on it as conversation piece

panettoinydog Fri 31-Dec-10 15:26:08

quel bummer.

I wag my finger at you for relying on a parcel to be delivered in time for hogmanay. Dig out something you know you look good in. Give yourself a body scrub, a liberal spread of lovely body cream and maybe nip out for a new bit of quality make-up?

Liek ggirl, I'd make the burn a topic of conversation. I love having anecdotes like that at get-togethers

JenaiMarrsTartanFoxCube Fri 31-Dec-10 15:50:42

Have my friend's brow fell off when she had it waxed right before her wedding. Make up was her friend on that occassion.

Have you enough time/money to make a panic dash to the shops for a new frock?

JenaiMarrsTartanFoxCube Fri 31-Dec-10 15:51:06

Half my friend's brow.

ImeldaSnowboots Fri 31-Dec-10 16:03:29

I, and lots of other people, am sure, are too ill or not able to go out, I'll swap you the burn mark & nothing to wear for a hacking cough and woozy head!!

Agree with pannetoinydog, wear something you know you look good in & have fun, its New Years Eve ffs! [wish I could go out emocion] envy

tethersend Fri 31-Dec-10 16:06:26

I find the best solution is to wear crap clothes and get so drunk you can't see your own reflection. Hey Presto! Problem solved.

CeliaChristmasFate Fri 31-Dec-10 16:26:19

Yup, I think copious alcohol is the way to go!

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