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UGG Boots - anyone cleaned theirs?

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Sammy74 Fri 31-Dec-10 07:33:05

I have had my Ugg boots for over a year now (tan, tall ones) and they look really knackered after wearing them in the rain/slush over the past couple of weeks.

I feel bad about retiring them as they are still in good shape and cost me £180!!

Has anyone had any success in cleaning theirs?


whoneedssleepanyway Fri 31-Dec-10 07:35:00

Yes I have successfully cleaned both my short chestnut and tall brown ones with one of those little cubes that you used on suede, got it in clarkes. have to be gentle with it though or you can get bald patches if you rub too hard.

Slobbadan Fri 31-Dec-10 07:36:54

johnsons the dry cleners do them i think for bout £25, i dont own uggs but my friend has had hers done there.

MayorNaze Fri 31-Dec-10 07:38:42

stick em in the washing machine

handwash/low setting

worked for my sister

Alouiseg Fri 31-Dec-10 08:22:54

Another vote for washing machine. Mine have been done on 30 about 5 times now.

Ulysses Fri 31-Dec-10 08:24:41

Another vote for washing them in the machine. In fact, I will do mine today!

Sammy74 Fri 31-Dec-10 14:46:35

Oh thanks for all the replies. I might try the washing machine then - do I just use normal soap power?

Alouiseg Fri 31-Dec-10 16:38:46

Yes, and some nice smelling fabric conditioner

bishboschone Fri 31-Dec-10 18:37:08

I have done, very succesfully. Wash on hand wash setting with a good spin , extra if needed.. When drying stuff hard with newspaper .. Mine took a good 24 hours to dry but were like new. Use a gentle liquid detergent .

bishboschone Fri 31-Dec-10 18:40:31

FYI , I spoke to johnsons who told me they dry cleaned them ( as a dry cleaner I can't see how this would work and I actually think they wash them for£25!!)

MimsyStarr Fri 31-Dec-10 19:22:05

Yes I put mine in the machine, they were fine. It made them all nice and fluffy again! I used woolwash.

carlossss Sat 01-Jan-11 21:49:09

Message withdrawn

dexter73 Sat 01-Jan-11 21:56:23

I have just taken dd's uggs (black bailey) out of the washing machine. They looked absolutely grim before they went in. They have come out looking lovely and clean.
They are drying upstairs but she is really pleased with how they look.

giraffesCantGoFirstFooting Sun 02-Jan-11 09:01:04

Have washed fake uggs before fine, just as long as not too fast/long as disintegrate if wrong settling <bitter experience> I think Id be terrified of doing it to uggs unless the alternative was bin

vanitypear Sun 02-Jan-11 10:45:57

Thanks bishbosh - clueless folk like me could easily be taken in by Johnson's £25 offer. Mine are drying out now, washed on wool wash with persil silk & wool - Thank you OP and ladies who replied! Looking good so far.
I really do love Mumsnet for things like this.

bishboschone Sun 02-Jan-11 11:33:23

no worries vanity,glad they are ok..try to get them dry asap (without actually putting heat on them..i.e under a radiator). If you are going to get water marks it will because they take too long to dry.

dexter73 Sun 02-Jan-11 12:39:54

I would never have thought (or dared) to put them in the washing machine (just Fairy non-bio liquid as that is all I had) without your post bishboschone. My dd is thrilled with her revitalised Uggs!

Sammy74 Sun 02-Jan-11 13:45:39

I have just taken mine out the machine and stuffed with newspaper. I used Woolite.

I will let you know how they go.

Am strangely excited blush

janmoomoo Sun 02-Jan-11 22:04:48

Crikey, I would never have thought of doing this and still am quite scared by it. But sounds like it has been successful for you lot.

bishboschone Mon 03-Jan-11 13:18:12

no worries ladies. I am please you all have lovely clean uggs.

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