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My son is a Bigfoot!

(15 Posts)
headinclouds101 Wed 29-Dec-10 14:06:12

My eldest DS has outgrown the sizes readily available in Clarks, Startrite etc. Not seen any adult ones in Clarks that are suitable for school.
We have tried buying him men's shoes from M and S and Next - but the quality is not great and he says they are not very comfy. Anyone know of anywhere to purchase stuff of a similar quality and appearanceto Clarks or Startrite - just bigger sizes?

vintageteacups Wed 29-Dec-10 16:34:11

you haven't said how old/what size he is?

headinclouds101 Wed 29-Dec-10 17:50:40

Oh sorry he has just started high school and is wearing size 8 - maybe will be a nine when next measured. Not huge I know - but I do want him to still have vaguely traditional school shoes and am a bit stumped.

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Wed 29-Dec-10 17:51:20

try amazon - they sell lots of suitable makes for school

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Wed 29-Dec-10 17:51:35

you can search by size as well

carlossss Wed 29-Dec-10 18:10:58

Message withdrawn

vintageteacups Wed 29-Dec-10 19:15:07

don't Kickers do school type shoes?
Will look

vintageteacups Wed 29-Dec-10 19:18:34

something like these?

not his size but is this what you're thinking?

vintageteacups Wed 29-Dec-10 19:28:22

or these

LadyLapsang Wed 29-Dec-10 19:38:26

I think Russell & Bromley may go up to that size in their children's dept. but you won't have much choice; apart from that John Lewis mens and Shoon if he needs a wider fit.

vonnyh Wed 29-Dec-10 19:41:42

My son is 13 and wears a mens size 9 shoe. i got him two pairs in the Clarks sale for £22.99 a pair. Have a look at their website, there are lots of styles on there that might not be available instore.

carlossss Wed 29-Dec-10 22:03:18

Message withdrawn

headinclouds101 Thu 30-Dec-10 13:21:04

Thanks for alll the replies -I will have a look at your suggestions.

mysteryfairy Thu 30-Dec-10 14:35:33

Clarks boys shoes go up to a size 10 and I have never had a problem buying them from my local clarks so it might be worth rechecking. My fifteen year old DS1 is an 8G and has the same style as DS2 has but three sizes bigger.

mathanxiety Thu 30-Dec-10 23:11:47

Buy him cheap shoes until his feet have definitely stopped growing or you might well go broke. DS (now 17) grew three sizes one year. He wears shoes that are almost the size of my roasting pan now.

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