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Did the MNers who weren't going to buy anything in 2010 succeed?

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MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 12:34:43

For various reasons I haven't been online much in 2010 - but I do remember around the time I went 'offline' there was a big thread about not buying any more new stuff (other than essentials/ underwear etc) in 2010.

Does anyone remember this - and did anyone succeed?

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 12:35:43

Wasnt it the Wise and Avid lot?

Have you sen their threads recently? grin

MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 12:37:47

I think the thread / camp split into two - those who were persisiting with not buying and those who would only make 'wise and avid' purchases. Latter seemed eminently more sensible to me - but I haven't been on MN for ages so have lost track a bit.

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 12:39:33

Well for Wise and Avid read 'Wildly Expensive'- that thread makes my eyes boggle

I think its a hysical impossibility to NOT buy clothes though

Its inhumane

OrangeCountyStrip Tue 28-Dec-10 12:44:39


I was on that thread, the W&A bunch split off early on as they couldn't stop talking about the clothes they had bought despite, erm, not being allowed to buy anything.

They went mad and several hundred threads later are still going.

I did buy things. I realised that I need things to come in as well as going out, in order to maintain a degree of interest in life/clothes/everything.

But I bought far less than I used to in previous years. Much, much less and always with what I already had firmly in mind.

So it sort of worked. I wonder if anyone else made it without buying anything?

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 12:45:07

yes the wild and avid links are pure style porn

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 12:46:17

iI thought I hadn't see you for ages Mrsseanbean

sarah293 Tue 28-Dec-10 12:47:05

Message withdrawn

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 12:52:08

Riven , I take my (newly purchased) hat off to you

MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 12:54:23

I'm a bit like you Orange - I was going to buy 'investment' items only, so fewer items overall - and no impulse buys on the high street. Apart from a bit of early madness in the sales last January, I've stuck to the plan reasonably well.

MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 12:55:22

No, I feel like a newbie, didn't expect anyone to remember me but nice that do cornsilk!

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 12:57:03

Of course we remember you!

MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 12:57:46

Yes well done Riven. You didn't succumb to Harvey Nichols then?!

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 12:59:16

nice to see another familiar face - I feel like a newbie myself sometimes. Everyone's namechanged or buggered orf to twitter <which I also occasionally bugger orf to>

sarah293 Tue 28-Dec-10 12:59:30

Message withdrawn

vinvinoveritas Tue 28-Dec-10 13:00:31

Message withdrawn

MrsSeanBean Tue 28-Dec-10 13:00:53

I've never mastered Twitter.

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 13:01:39

It can be quite funny but I always forget to go there <opens a new window>

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 13:06:41

oh corny you're never alone in S and B

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 13:07:21

I know - it's my favourite internet hideout grin

cornsilkcornedbeefhash Tue 28-Dec-10 13:08:26

did you get any sale bargains yet cyb? I've ordered some stuff from Isabella Oliver <salivates> but the coat I really wanted hardly reduced at all <humph>

Cyb Tue 28-Dec-10 15:20:24

I bought a few bits online from Dotty P's pre Xmas!

Some really nice tapered zip bottomed trews

a sequinned cardi

A bet Lynch leopard print top

and a black cord mini skirt

I know that their bottoms fit me so I can buy online without fear of reprisals

tulpe Tue 28-Dec-10 17:50:02

To answer Mrs SB (hello Mrs SB )!!

I joined that thread too. I honestly don't think I have spent anywhere near as much as usual......but I did end up buying replacement shoes and knitwear etc as an inordinate amount of these got chewed by my viszla pup....

I had a tummy tuck in the summer which meant that I was so swollen for 3 months that I barely broke out of maxi dress/tunic mode (and already had abundance of these items).

Occasionally dipped into the W&A thread but never really got totally caught up in it. They post too avidly for me to keep abreast!

Will not bother generally with the sales but I do need to replace my beloved Paul Smith winter coat (which is now 4 winters old and just about had it )

LetThemEatCake Tue 28-Dec-10 17:58:31

what's nice about the W&A thread is that it is as much about life and trivia and experience and friendship as it is about - sorry, what was it? - 'pure style porn'

Perhaps we will rename it "Wise, Avid and just plain nice" in the new year.

Of course you are all welcome to join us. I buy most of my stuff from charity shops and the high street, personally. Not that it makes a blind bit of difference. We are just mostly quite nice, albeit clothes-mad, mums. smile

cocolepew Tue 28-Dec-10 18:01:40

I lasted 8 days <proud>. This years motto is buy little, but well. Got a nice skirt in (whispers) Laura Ashley today.

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