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Are epilators worth the money?

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saltyseadog Mon 27-Dec-10 19:58:06

I'm fed up with shaving/ paying out for waxing, so I have been considering buying an epilator. Ouch at the price though!

So are they worth it, or should I give them a miss? Are they any more painful than waxing?

twirlymum Mon 27-Dec-10 20:05:11

Much more painful than waxing! At least, I thought so!

Scorps Mon 27-Dec-10 20:07:26

I love mine, and i don't find it painful. It has a head attachment that massages at the same time as hair removing.

AnnieLobeseder Mon 27-Dec-10 20:09:06

Yes yes yes! I love my epilator! The first time it does hurt like fuck (though it probably wouldn't if you've waxed before), but once you've got rid of the hair, the regrowth really doesn't hurt at all.

I've got one with an ice pack so your nerves are all confused between the cold and the pain so you feel it less.

Buy one 2nd hand on eBay. Chances are it's been used for less than 5 seconds by some epilating virgin who couldn't take it like a woman! grin Wonderful bargains to be had.

victoriascrumptious Mon 27-Dec-10 21:39:07

Not so painful once you get started. I had to stop using mine as it gave me ingrowing hairs and a rash

saltyseadog Tue 28-Dec-10 11:59:22

Oh dear at the ingrowing hairs - although no different to waxing I guess.

Which is a good brand to get (I like the idea of the ice pack)?

sue52 Tue 28-Dec-10 12:02:11

I use a braun silk epilator. Do exfoliate regularly to deal with ingrowing hairs.

saltyseadog Tue 28-Dec-10 20:21:37

Thanks Sue - I will go and see what I can find

KatieSantaPawskitty Tue 28-Dec-10 23:42:45

Salty - the ice pack ones are so cumbersome and I found they make your leg wet, but they're not a wet n dry device, iyswim.

I use one without the ice bit, but I'm well 'ard.

Takes a little getting used to, but there's no going back when you realise how much money you've saved by not waxing. Seriously.

Chandon Wed 29-Dec-10 08:28:00

I am on my second one, have been using them since I was 18, so get 10 yrs use out of them!

I would buy a BASIC Braun one. No need for all the favvy ice-pack, dry and wet stuff etc.

Just use the basic one on very dry (no moisturiser!) skin. Then moisturise. Exfoliate twice a week.

I don't feel it at all, but have been doing it for 20 yrs so pain buds probably numb by now!

As I have been doing it for 2 decades, the hairs are now very weak so I sometimes shave in between to "strengthen" the hair, otherwise they grow in. This problem only started after about 15 yrs though.

MadameCastafiore Wed 29-Dec-10 08:31:49

Mine was good for a while but I ended up with really really bad ingrowing painful hairs even when I spent half my life rubbing salt scrub into my legs and slathering on cream!

Butterbur Wed 29-Dec-10 12:39:23

It takes me ages, going back and forth over the same bit of skin, only to see more hairs spring up from wherever they were hiding, jeering at me. I never seem to get them all. I only use mine for my bikini line now.

thenightsky Wed 29-Dec-10 12:46:25

God.. you must well hard if you can do bikini line shock

Butterbur Wed 29-Dec-10 12:54:01

It's better than the bikini line acne that appears after shaving. It's itchy too, and people look at you if you're constantly scratching your fanjo.

AnnieLobeseder Wed 29-Dec-10 14:58:31

I do my bikini line with mine too, though it's tricky to get to some bits.

YankNCock Wed 29-Dec-10 15:00:47

Much more painful than waxing. I sold mine on Ebay! grin

AnnieLobeseder Wed 29-Dec-10 20:17:39

Perhaps it was yours I bought, Yank?

saltyseadog Sat 01-Jan-11 23:14:12

I bought one I bought one <jumps up and down excitedly>. I love it, and FWIW I don't find it painful in the slightest, but that may be because I am a hardened waxer.

Thanks everyone for your opinions .

pebbles77 Sun 02-Jan-11 22:46:42

I've been waxing all my life but time and money proving difficult to get to a place. How long does it normally take for a bikini line to grow back after using an epilady?


thenightsky Sun 02-Jan-11 23:29:27

pebbles.... hair grows back at exactly same rate as if waxed. So if you are waxing now, expect the same.

pebbles77 Mon 03-Jan-11 15:35:30

Thanks. I've just ordered on amazon

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