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Epilators ???

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WisteriaWoman Mon 27-Dec-10 09:12:43

I've heard good reports about epilators - can anyone recommend one?

Udderly Mon 27-Dec-10 09:33:08

Ah, the 'smoothie maker' of hair removal! Mine is now languishing in a drawer somewhere! Its painful, takes a long time and creates ingrown hairs, it wasn't for me at all!

MrsGuyOfChristmasBorn Mon 27-Dec-10 09:47:19

not perfect, does not give the same finish as a professional wax, but almost as good, no more painful, much more convenient.

TheParasiteofChristmasPast Mon 27-Dec-10 10:05:20

i think they are great. it is worth paying for the more expensive ones.

ChasingSquirrels Mon 27-Dec-10 10:06:36

I really like mine, had it 3 years now.

CarolSinger Mon 27-Dec-10 10:44:01

I bought a cheapie from Argos to see if I could handle the pain - legs take ages, can't do bikini or arm pits for the pain, but good results on my arms hands and fingers - yes I really am that hairy

DrSeuss Mon 27-Dec-10 11:43:40

Have a Braun one-works fine, takes a while and DH has to help with backs of legs. Stings a bit but labour is a hell of a lot worse and I did that OK!

thenightsky Mon 27-Dec-10 12:17:28

Oooh I love mine. Legs take a while, but I find it quite theraputic.

Armpits hurt the first few times, but now I can do them really quickly as the hairs seem to have become much finer with much shallower roots (been epilating for about 18 months.

Never managed to do bikini area though. Its just too painful.

anothermum92 Mon 27-Dec-10 17:57:33

Message withdrawn

deaddei Mon 27-Dec-10 18:57:32

I have the latest Braun one and it is excellent.
However I will be having my legs lasered in 6 weeks so will pass epilator to dd.

matthew2002smum Mon 27-Dec-10 20:38:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenightsky Mon 27-Dec-10 22:24:40

I never ever get ingrowing hairs with epilator. Suffered em mega when shaving though

TheNextMrsClaus Mon 27-Dec-10 23:10:59

I have a Braun one too. It takes longer than shaving and you do have to grit your teeth, but the results last for weeks.

I use it on my legs, and once managed my bikini line (eee-OWWW!), but have never tried it on armpits.

RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer Mon 27-Dec-10 23:15:13

I've got an old Braun one, use it on my armpits - hurt like hell the first time but is fine now as long as I don't shave in between times - it's like shaving resets the hair thickness to super thick and painful again! I don't use it anywhere else though

WisteriaWoman Tue 28-Dec-10 09:10:56

Thank you - everyone is mentioning Braun - which one ? There are various ones...

TheParasiteofChristmasPast Tue 28-Dec-10 10:42:54

my sister has the one you can use in teh shower and says it is v. handy

glub Tue 28-Dec-10 10:43:39

get a waterproof one - those little tweezers get grotty and a regular wash with some antibacterial handwash really helps - much easier than sitting there with a pair of tweezers picking out all the old hair and skin lol.

glub Tue 28-Dec-10 10:44:21

oh and one that is cordless so you can get into a place with good light

glub Tue 28-Dec-10 10:48:43

i have one of the new braun ones - it's a little noisy - sounds like my mum's ancient one (also braun and still going strong) and grazes sometimes on my armpits unlike my old gentle, quiet braun.

CointreauVersial Tue 28-Dec-10 12:18:06

Mine sounds like a chainsaw!

SantasMadMissy Tue 28-Dec-10 12:22:51

I have a braun bikini one as shave my legs.
its ideal as has 3 attatchments, I can epilate, close shave or trim and its small so not too difficult to use. Oh and cordless

SantasMadMissy Tue 28-Dec-10 12:23:08

Noisy though!

Ephiny Tue 28-Dec-10 16:43:54

I'm planning to get one, have been a bit divided on whether to get the cordless or mains-powered one (looking at the Braun Silk-Epil latest vs previous model). The cordless one is newer and probably better, and it would be nice to be able to use it in the shower and rinse it clean. But I've had a cordless shaver before that was a bit rubbish - you got about 10 minutes use out of it before having to charge again. And eventually it just wouldn't charge any more...

thenightsky Tue 28-Dec-10 17:34:02

Make sure you get one with a headlight on.

WisteriaWoman Tue 28-Dec-10 19:44:25

Cripes a headlight! confused

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