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Lin & Leo Bag

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CaliforniaStars Sun 26-Dec-10 22:21:05

Hi there,

I'm desperate for a Lin & Leo bag in either choc brown or turquoise. Firstly, does anyone have one and is it worth it? Secondly, can anyone sway me by recommending anything better, and thirdly, anyone seen one somewhere significantly cheaper that £140 or whatever crazy price it is?

Thanks in advance!

gregssausageroll Mon 27-Dec-10 08:23:39

I had the teal coloured one and i adored it. it was a gift as I don't think I would have spent the money on it otherwise. I got mine reduced to £100 though (can't remember how). Beautiful well made bag however, an oversized cheaper bag will do just as well - it doesn't have to specifically be a changing bag - TK Maxx have a great selection of bags

CaliforniaStars Mon 27-Dec-10 08:43:26

Thanks gregs. I've tried so many enormous bags that aren't changing bags, as well as cheaper changing bags, but have never found quite the right thing. A quick question - I use reusable nappies. Would this bag fit a few of those in easily ? I probably would carry around 3. The whole reusuable nappies thing is probably the reason I've never found the right bag.

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