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Boots from The Bootmaker

(5 Posts)
lizardqueenie Sun 26-Dec-10 22:19:45

Have seen these boots here -Black_Leather

Thinking of buying them as my heafty calves don't seem to fit into anything that you can buy off of the shelf! Anyone used the bootmaker before and also do you think these would be good for wearing with skirts?


Paribus Sun 26-Dec-10 22:45:08

i have sienna in tan suede, they're v comfortable, nice looking- however i read on mn that some other people who were ordering from that site waited for months for their boots to arrive. mine arrived within a week, iirc, but they were not bespoke- i remember those who waited for their boots were mainly ordering bespoke and/or paid for them with debit cards. just smth for you to know- again, the boots themselves are really nice irl.

lizardqueenie Sun 26-Dec-10 23:24:37

Thanks Paribus. I think that they are not totally bespoke as you can only pick the calf width- the blurb on the first part of the sale section says that they are a selection of non bespoke that they have in stock or something. I think I read it right.

Re paying with the debit card- do you mean as oppose to paying with a credit card?

Paribus Mon 27-Dec-10 00:03:11

lizardqueenie, they have 2 different sections- one for bespoke and one for the boots which they have in stock and in this section you can only pick size and width. mine were from the second section, ie not bespoke, and they had them in stock as opposed to 28 days or smth which they state as the delivery time for the bespoke. hope that makes sense ;-)

as for debit/credit cards- i think someone mentioned that paying with debit cards as opposed to credit ones was creating additional hassle. try searching mn, i def remember the thread.

lizardqueenie Mon 27-Dec-10 07:19:54

cheers for that, yes thats what I meant ordering from the section where they are in stock. Cheers for your help & glad to hear they are comfy

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