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Dear mumsnet S&B

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victoriascrumptious Sun 26-Dec-10 21:45:38

My husband wants me to dress as a 'space cowboy'. I am a size 16 and 5.1. How would I go about this?

This is a serious question. he is sitting next to me and believes that you will understand this

TurkeyMartini Sun 26-Dec-10 21:46:54

I have no idea what that even means!

dinkystinky Sun 26-Dec-10 21:47:35

Just tell him to call you Maurice and you'll be fine as you are...

victoriascrumptious Sun 26-Dec-10 21:55:39

Victoria's husband here - she asked me for ideas on a 'look' for her. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to fashion, but suggested that knee high boots, long jacket, big belts always seem to look good on her. To this she said Space Cowboy - think Zoe from the Firefly series on TV a few years ago.

BelieveInLife Mon 27-Dec-10 14:05:27

Eh?!! confused

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 27-Dec-10 14:59:04

add an inverted goldfish bowl Sandy Cheeks stylee and you're there, surely?

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