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tips for painting nails well please

(11 Posts)
lulubooboo Sun 26-Dec-10 21:44:54

Have some lovely new Dior polish. Painted my nails, looked nice but started flaking the following day.
I don't have lots of time and therefore don't often bother with undercoat or top's a miracle the polish stays on without smudging within an hour usually anyway! confused
What are your top tips for nail painting without smudging and longer lasting?

GoldFrakkincenseAndMyrrh Sun 26-Dec-10 21:58:13

Well long lasting I swear by a topcoat! Non smudging either a spray which helps the varnish set quicker or if I've run out of that putting hands into a basin of cold water for a couple of minutes. It's not a perfect solution but it seems to prevent at least dome of the damage.

Sierra19 Sun 26-Dec-10 22:23:08

I always use OPI polish and I can normally get this not to chip until it starts growing out at the nail bed. I use top coat (and add an extra top coat every few days) plus I use OPI drip dry which dries your nails within 5 mins. Have tried loads of different brands and this is the only one I can get to really last. Chanel for example (on me at least) is rubbish and chips after a couple of days. The Sally Hansen diamond shine is good as a top coat too.

onimolap Sun 26-Dec-10 22:25:36

Paint your nails last thing, so they set really solid overnight.

Sorry to say, but cost of the varnish isn't always related to how well they last. I usually go for Avon or Mavala - not just because I'm stingy, but because they do good shades and last well. I never use top or base coat; just two thin layers. They last for weeks on toes and several days on fingers.

If you have a shade you love, but which doesn't last well, then top coat is probably the best bet.

matthew2002smum Sun 26-Dec-10 23:16:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrustratedHippy Sun 26-Dec-10 23:18:36

OK i am fab at this now -having started to have them done in a salon

base coat
2-3 coats polish ( straight off DO NOT DRY)
1 clear top coat

dry at least half hour without moving

ta dahh!

monkey9237 Sun 26-Dec-10 23:28:07

Yes, definitely basecoat, thats the secret. When i forget to use it, my nails chip after a day or so. With basecoat, the same polish lasts a week. The way frustrated hippy describes is also how I do mine, copying how they do my nails in salons. I use sally hansen basecoat and nails inc caviar topcoat.

Monadami Mon 27-Dec-10 17:40:40

Maybe try Shellac Manicure, it's also known as the "two week" manicure and lasts ages. It's instantaneously dry and doesn't chip. the only downside is that it can't be removed easily with nail varnish remover, has to be soaked off with Acetone.

Cyb Mon 27-Dec-10 17:50:00

yy to top coat every day

geordieminx Mon 27-Dec-10 18:30:57

I think the key is taking your time.

Base coat, allow to dry for 5 mins
2 thin coats of nailvarnish in 3 stripes...1 down the middle then 1 either side. Allow 10 mins between coats. I know it's boring but if you whack it on too thick and dont let it dry properly then it's gonna smudge.
Top coat then allow to dry for 30 mins. It is laborious but it will be worth it. Don't do anything else.

FrustratedHippy Mon 27-Dec-10 21:57:07

geordiemix - in my book yours is the WORST method

do not allow to dry in between coats if you want a shiny professional look

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