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Next sale, never been on opening day, do i have to camp out overnight?

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cornonthecob Sun 26-Dec-10 16:55:19

mildly considering heading to the next sale tomorrow morning, it starts at 5am, but say if i turn up at 7/8am will i be forced to queue? is it worth the hassle??

anyone been and can share your experience?


NationalElfService Sun 26-Dec-10 16:57:21

Thought it was today?

NationalElfService Sun 26-Dec-10 16:57:42

Oh and are you mad woman?? grin

seekingreassurance Sun 26-Dec-10 16:58:04

Noone needs overpriced, middle of the road clothing so much that they need to be at a shop for 7am to pick through the shite they couldn't shift before christmas. Have a lie in instead

gregssausageroll Sun 26-Dec-10 18:06:57

Next sale is the same old pieces of tat brought out every year. Have a lie in and spend your cash on a better sale.

cornonthecob Sun 26-Dec-10 18:36:37

Thanks for replies, points taken! I have my mad moments! grin It's more for kids clothes as I dont like their ladies stuff! Their online sale started yesterday and total rubbish in terms of stock! 7 items for boys age 4-5!

NationalElfService Sun 26-Dec-10 18:47:36

Ah it started today in Scotland. Can't understand my friends queueing up on Boxing Day in minus 15 for Next stuff when you can shop online. Madness I tell ye.

ShhhhSantaiscoming Sun 26-Dec-10 19:01:39

dont waste your time.
IMO the next sales used to be really good about 10 years ago but recently its naff... honestly. Tatt that you haven't seen for years and don't want to see...

Stay in bed !

DurhamDurham Sun 26-Dec-10 19:07:29

My dd1 works at Next and they asked if any family/friends wanted to go in to help pack and tidy. My 'kind' daughter put my name down so we both have a 5am start in the morning. And she's expecting me to buy breakfast!

salvadory Sun 26-Dec-10 19:11:02

No I disagree, tis great for kids basics at half price, I NEVER dress myself in next but bought tonnes of stuff in the summer sales for my baby daughter, it's washed and worn really well and as it was sale stuff and probably more than a couple of seasons old I didnt see any other babies in it either (not that my 11 month old would have worried about that!).
I've never got up specially for it but am considering it tomorrow (madness emoticon),

mippy Sun 26-Dec-10 22:11:24

I grew up in a small milltown where Next is considered 'designer'. The queues start at 5am.

I do notice they bring out a lot of stuff for each sale.

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