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Have got a job! And need clothes advice...

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GoodChristianaRejoice Sun 26-Dec-10 13:44:51

I am going back to work after three years at home.

I am going to try to lose weight because I used to be a size 10 (am 5'6") but the last three years as a SAHM I have put on some weight. I would say I'm a size 12, 32DD boobs, quite a wobbly tummy which I hate.

I have got quite a fancy pants job, full time, in finance but with private clients so I can show a bit more 'flair' than if I worked for an investment bank say.

I need to do a FULL SHOP. Everything.

Has anyone got any tips of where to go? What kind of labels are good now? I could probably spend about £1000, and was thinking of starting off with

1 or 2 jackets
Skirt to match and trousers (though will I look dumpy?)
Good pair of shoes
Maybe some dresses - something like DVF ones but not too revealing and not at that price? To wear under a jacket...
Couple of tops or shirts

Would a personal shopper be a good idea? Do you find them this time of year? Or is everything too frantic with sales?

onimolap Sun 26-Dec-10 14:17:23

Start with new bras - try Bravissimo or a department store with fitters.

Do you know anyone at this firm, or doing similar job at another? What do they wear? (This might help you decide where the line is between business-like and dowdy/dumpy in this line of work).

Start of fairly conservative - a good suit in a neutral colour (navy?) plus jacket/skirt. Add dresses and trousers later.

Get good shoes and a fabulous haircut!

A personal shopper is probably worth it - probably best to ring the shops you like and see if they have one available.

Good luck with the new job.

GoodChristianaRejoice Sun 26-Dec-10 14:25:57

They wear suits and at my interview the woman wore a red jacket with black top and black skirt, one of those Chanel type tweed jackets (but not Chanel!)

Mostly men I think work there...

I do need good underwear... That's a good place to start...

What are best office-y labels at the moment? I used to like Maxmara and Joseph but I think probably too expensive, Whistles bit too casual, Jigsaw suits are rubbish. Are Hobbs any good?

onimolap Sun 26-Dec-10 15:20:59

If you really think you'll lose weight, then don't blow the bank now!

Yes, I think it would be worth looking in Hobbs, and also John Lewis (own label can be good, and carry many other ranges), and always worth checking M&S (I once got a lovely navy suit there - looked just like one a colleague had spent far more on at Austen Reid), but I rarely see anything I like there these days.

Do you have a good coat? And a non-scuffed hand-bag or other bag that looks like it contains documents, not mummy junk?

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 26-Dec-10 16:12:00

since going back to work after having children i now wear dresses, i have quite a few from LK Bennett and they are fantastic it is so much easier to dress for work as literally dress tights shoes and you are done as opposed to finding and ironing a shirt or blouse needing clean jacket and trousers/ skirt...

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 26-Dec-10 16:13:20

PS if you are in London there is a v good personal shopper in Peter Jones

GoodChristianaRejoice Sun 26-Dec-10 16:27:39

Am in Edinburgh

Hadn't thought of LK Bennett that's a good idea, I like wearing them and I agree then you don't have to worry about matching things and shirts etc.

I have a lovely camel coat and a black bag

I hope I'll lose the weight... Not looking good as I tuck into yesterday's roast duck...

mamatomany Sun 26-Dec-10 17:19:57

I went to a personal shopper in debenhams when i was 25 who dressed me like a 50 year old, lots of Austin Reed, Villeya etc so i think you have to be careful to be true to yourself but it sounds like you've got the right idea already. You can't go wrong with DVF dresses.

Gillybobs Sun 26-Dec-10 17:59:06

I work in finance too and find the most stylish looking women are all in smart dresses rather than suits. So much easier too, not having to thin about shirts/tops plus generally less expensive than a suit and no worries about trousers wearing out faster than the jacket (or is that just me??).

I actually have a few dresses from M&S autograph range which i paid around 50 quid for a people often ask where they are from. Personally I feel thats plenty to pay for a work dress.

I find a lightweight mac in spring/summer and smart wool coat in autumn winter solves the problem of what to wear on top.

Just add smart leather court shoes and a structured bag and your off!

GoodChristianaRejoice Sun 26-Dec-10 18:27:47

gilly funnily enough in the 'old' days of working I had two dresses from Betty Jackson for Autograph and they are brilliant and 'wash really well'...

vinvinoveritas Mon 27-Dec-10 12:37:58

Message withdrawn

SickOnMyShoulder Mon 27-Dec-10 13:11:30

Lots of lovely wrap dresses in the sale in FWM- I like this one and this one
Bravissimo also have an online sale right now, might be good to pick up shirts/long sleeved tops from there so you can be sure they won't gape.

tethersjinglebellend Mon 27-Dec-10 13:22:41

have a look at Jaeger, Viyella, and -surprisingly- debenhams.

Although, if it were me, I would spunk the budget on this or this grin

vinvinoveritas Mon 27-Dec-10 13:39:31

Message withdrawn

GoodChristianaRejoice Thu 30-Dec-10 23:11:28

My goodness I just saw the rest of the replies to my thread, thank you. Will look carefully and i truly appreciate your help here you amazing people

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