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I'm after some lovely old fashioned stuff for my dc for their Christening. White for older children. Possible?

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Megglevache Sat 25-Dec-10 19:21:55

I have looked at Rachel Riley, Tulip and Nettle and although it's such lovely stuff I haven't managed to find anything that I think fits the ocassion. I also want somehting that can be worn over and over as I don't believe in buying stuff for best never to be worn again (not value for money IMO. Mine are quite often seen in silk frou-frou page boys's blousons with jeans and wellies.

P.S. I didn;t like Monsoon either.

UniS Sat 25-Dec-10 19:25:40

Boys or girls? or assorted?

Megglevache Sat 25-Dec-10 19:46:24

Sorry one boy and one girl. grin

Not very clear was I? grin

I was getting desperate and was wondering about getting a local lady to make some white cotton cardis in a reefer style with a white tutu (for the all things frou-frou queen) and some beige cords for ds, then I think errrr, perhaps not!

UniS Sat 25-Dec-10 20:17:44

Lad was christened age 7 at our church this summer. IIRC he wore white 3/4 length trews/ shorts and a nice rugby shirt (black n white).

mamatomany Sat 25-Dec-10 20:35:07

The white company has tutu's in the sale last time i looked.
How old is your girl, i shall be selling off DD3's special occasion little darlings collection in the new year, something might catch your eye.

maktaitai Sat 25-Dec-10 20:38:14

I believe that the Children's Salon in Tunbridge Wells may fit the bill?

Megglevache Sat 25-Dec-10 21:35:10

Blimey, thank you so much.

I am really happy with what I've ordered, i just hope it's as lovely as it seems on the various web sites.

I am buying them both soft grey V-neck cardigans (hers will have a big white flower corsage on the lapel, he will have a long white tassled scarf around his neck)

that's the only thing that will be similar, then I'm hoping she'll have a white compnay tutu with white tights and grey shoes and he'll have some white trousers and a smart white shirt with grey shoes.

Whoo-whoooo that was too easy! Hmmmmm, lets see if it's nice stuff when it comes grin

MN style mavens you rock! Yesssss!

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