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Karl, Marc and Oscar might be three WISE men, but if it's AVID women you're after, this is the place

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PlumSykes Thu 23-Dec-10 12:11:28

new thread

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 12:15:00

Bonjour - just marking my place in the middle of my Christmas cooking frenzy!

PlumSykes Thu 23-Dec-10 12:37:14

Starting new thread is my displacement activity. Need to get lots of baking done today, or NOW more specifically, while baby boy is sleeping, but can't quite face it.

Have been AWOL from thread for so long, I know. Have been trying to keep up with news and links though.

Just tried to battle the Cocosa clearance, but website is hopeless. Given that all they do is flash sales, you'd think they'd be able to cope. Gave up after the one item I'd actually managed to add to basket went out of stock before I could check out.

Did Christmas shop at Waitrose this morning, bright and early, with friend in her 4x4. Have been snowed in since Friday, and no sign of a thaw yet. Could walk to places if I didn't have to take a pram, but the Bugaboo wheels just get stuck in the snow.

Am still waiting for quite a few deliveries, but only for DH, or my Mum, so not too many tears if they don't come before Sat.

FritziGreenEyes Thu 23-Dec-10 12:50:34

Marking my place! After a few days of D&V (sorry if TMI) and stress at work I'm now settled on the sofa with a cup of tea and a hot water-bottle. Bliss, will catch up on last thread now.

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 12:52:09

Fritzi - poor you sad. It's so energy sapping to be ill in the run up to Christmas when so many things have to be done.

FritziGreenEyes Thu 23-Dec-10 12:55:06

zembo Hope you have recovered from your abysmal experience at LHR you'll make it to BD on Saturday. If anyone needs the sun and TLC of your family it is you. Big hugs (I know it's against MN-etiquette but I don't care).

GeorginaWorsley Thu 23-Dec-10 12:57:35

Still snowing here in Cheshire so am staying in to finish housework and paint a recently plastered wall tha ti should have painted ages ago but never got around to!

Have done all food shopping and almost finished present wrapping.
DH has taken himself off to 'do stuff' which may or may not incluse last minute present for me.

Had a quick look at Mint Velvet sale and quite like a few things in it.

FritziGreenEyes Thu 23-Dec-10 12:58:51

bonsoir Our Christmas will be very low key and there is not lots left to be done. We'll have a simple meal tomorrow night and my mum and MIL are doing the fancy dishes for Sat/Sund. I was impressed reading about your Mum's ironing technique for your tablecloth though! Oh and silver (we don't even have any blush). Your table must look so festive and lovely. Have your parents arrived safely?

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 13:03:29

My parents are due to arrive tomorrow, Eurostar permitting. But it's looking quite optimistic.

I have serious amounts of food shopping to do this afternoon - 10 people to cater for all weekend is quite daunting and I need to buy a lot of fruit and vegetables - my parents seem to live on fruit and cheese (both of which upset my digestive tract, so I don't eat much of either).

notyummy Thu 23-Dec-10 13:07:39


Zembo Thu 23-Dec-10 13:50:35

Thanks Fritzi smile, can't say I have recovered, but that sounds a bit pathetic really! The flight I was due to be on last Sat finally took off last night!!! Sorry to hear you've been stressed and unwell, but at least you're having a rest now. Also great that your family members are doing some of the cooking.

Bonsoir you sound really busy but I'm sure your celebrations will be fabulous as a result. Eurostar has been fairing better than the airports, so fingers crossed.

NY hope your journey down south isn't too bad and that you get a bit of a break. You seem to have coped with your missed Geneva trip really well (unlike me!)

I'm really enjoying reading about your festive preparations as we don't celebrate. Must go, madam (who's dressed up as a princess) wants me to peel her grapes for her wink

bunnymother Thu 23-Dec-10 15:06:58


traceybath Thu 23-Dec-10 15:10:59

Ooooooh blooming waitrose delivered about 3/4 of my shopping - the rest is languishing in the store somewhere. Not happy as they won't re-deliver despite me having been charged for it.

After much arguing on my part they've agreed to let me collect it all bagged-up tomorrow morning as for some reason I wasn't keen on dragging 3 children round waitrose on christmas eve hmm

Busy wrapping, cooking and cleaning.

Fritzi - hope you're feeling better.

OooohWhatIfItHurts Thu 23-Dec-10 15:15:50

Hello ladies, delurking to tell you that I've just been to Selfridges to buy pressies for me and was surprised to see that the sales have already started. Not everything but some very good discounts on the 3rd floor. Well worth a visit if you're in town.


LetThemEatCake Thu 23-Dec-10 15:52:28

<<totters in, blows kisses, totters out>>

DTI10 Thu 23-Dec-10 16:13:00

Yeti boots have still not arrived! More snow on the way.....sad.

Xmas chaos has well and truly commenced.


pickledsiblings Thu 23-Dec-10 16:27:09

GW, glad I'm not the only one decorating instead of baking goodies - the DS's bedroom now has two fab red walls.

Zembo, glad you have managed to rearrange your trip. Enjoy being pampered!

Tracey - Waitrose shock, how infuriating!

Bonsoir how did your rabbit dish turn out? <eyes boring beef stew and adds a dash of cumin>

KILDARE4 Thu 23-Dec-10 16:52:23

Greetings from the Emerald Islewink, still snowing here.Dh gone to do last of grocery shopping, am sick of wearing warm weather appropriate clothing! Got fab brown suede ankle boots with zip up front and rubber wedge (weather appropriate!)but vaguely glam looking with my houlihans and trying to pack for boxing day ski hols with dh and 3dds and 20 friends, - in the evenings would like to be glam but casual - if you know what I mean! Any suggestions would be welcomed!
Sorry so many avid ladies Christmas plans have been ruined, am thinking of you allsmile.

OllieWollieWoo Thu 23-Dec-10 17:50:24

Marking place too - just back from the Christmas Circus and now looking forward to an evening in on my own (DH out with partners of awful WAG types),with a glass or 2 of prosecco for company and the choice of classic Dutch style Christmas films (ie nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas!) to watch: The Spiderwick Cronicles, Whilst You Were Sleeping or the The Nanny Diaries!
Back later.

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 18:21:21

pickledsiblings - rabbit is looking good. I casseroled it yesterday in a stock/vegetable mixture with some whole shallots and it is now in the refrigerator. Either we eat it as is on Christmas Eve, or else I remove the rabbit pieces and shallots from the stock/vegetables and make a cream/mustard sauce. What do you think? I think I will serve it with rice, as we will be eating roast potatoes with Christmas lunch and DP came back from Milan yesterday laden with fabulous fresh pasta which we can have for Christmas supper.

DD is writing Christmas cards. Quite laborious work for her still, but I quite like her showing off practicing her lovely French cursive writing blush

VinoNavegado Thu 23-Dec-10 18:31:25

zembo I have your size 4 grin PM me where/how to post! I have a website which I use to send things and I can arrange collections and things too.. think it's, always v good. Royal mail lose my parcels frequently confused Anyway let me know smile

pickledsiblings Thu 23-Dec-10 18:45:12

Bonsoir, I say have the rabbit as it is and have something non meaty with your delicious fresh pasta smile.

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 18:56:36

smile I'm still thinking about it.

I used some Italian stock cubes for cooking the rabbit - funghi porcini ones. The scent in the kitchen was as good as real cèpes. Will be very interested to taste the meat (which I also soaked for 24 hours in water/vinegar).

My whole house is glittering from all the wrapping of parcels. I go all out on wrapping paper, tissue, seals, ribbon, cards etc as DD loves to make pretty parcels and I love disposable craft projects. No loo roll castles hanging around in the Bonsoir household grin

VinoNavegado Thu 23-Dec-10 18:59:27

ooooh thanks for Selfridges tip. I daren't brave the real shops, I don't have the nerves and elbows of steel required to succeed in sales. oh yeah and I hate real people grin

tracey shock at waitrose! Hope it gets sorted

bonsoir your DD sounds so lovely

plum hello!

LTEC <passes the aspirin>

bloss I like the sound of your chanel lipstick... <avidly plots buying some>

I have to work tomorrow. ALL DAY. Is that mean or what!?

Bonsoir Thu 23-Dec-10 19:04:54

Vin - thank you smile. She is - but I do worry that she is too like me. I was glad but also anxious that on her first primary school report her teacher remarked how exceptionally good she is at spelling (this for a child who is doing spelling in her second language, French - and who is never read to in French at home blush). I was exceptionally good at spelling as a child... so it is apparently genetic. How many other of my less desirable traits have I also passed on?

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