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Does all cashmere bobble/pill?

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latherrinserepeat Mon 20-Dec-10 21:07:56

Or is it just the (relatively) cheaper ones? Have splurged on two cashmere jumpers in the gap sale and whilst they are lovely and toasty warm they are already bobbling badly under the arms esp where I carry my bag.

Is the usual? Or is it because its not top notch cashmere anyone?

knobbingnowt Mon 20-Dec-10 21:09:35

Im having this problem with a cashmere cardi, only worn it a few times!

Jojay Mon 20-Dec-10 21:11:27

I've got a red cashmere John Lewis cardi, that was the bargain of the century froma charity shop.

I've worn it to death and I machine wash it on a wool setting and it's never bobbled.

I have noticed that it feels so much softer and nicer than a lot of cashmere that's around. Maybe the quality isn't as good now they're trying to make it cheaper.

EasterEggHuntIsOver Mon 20-Dec-10 22:15:53

I bought a cashmere jumper for £4.90-ish in the M&S sale two years ago. Has worn very well, hasn't bobbled at all smile

purplepeony Tue 21-Dec-10 08:51:51

No- have a couple of Boden jumpers and they have been washed loads and look as new.

Butterbur Tue 21-Dec-10 14:24:11

I had one from Lands End, a few years ago. It bobbled dreadfully, and even working it over with a bobble remover didn't restore the texture. Then DH washed it at 60 degrees (I think to prove that he shouldn't have to do washing) and it came out dolly sized. All in all, I went off cashmere then.

latherrinserepeat Tue 21-Dec-10 14:28:40

Hmmm - well maybe its the quality of the yarn/way its woven then? Tis still toasty and snug and was not cheap even in sale so am still going to wear it.

Maybe will try another brand eg Boden next to see what theirs does.

Thanks all

redrobin Tue 21-Dec-10 14:30:22

hmmm i bought an excuciatingly expensive Jigsaw one and it is totally bobbled...looks awful, think i'm going to take it back

Ghostcat Tue 21-Dec-10 14:43:01

I have some brora cashmere that i wear most days - they have never bobbled. They were expensive, even though i bought them all in the sale but for me definately worth it. I have a boden cashmere jumper whish has bobbled and is very thin (yiu can see a stripey top underneath) other than brora, i have been impressed with a marks & spencer cashmere cardi that has bobbled but only slightly.

higgle Tue 21-Dec-10 15:24:04

I have a GAP cardigan that bobbles under the arms a lot - it is easy to de bobble though, just a bit of a pain. Brora doesn't bobble, but then my Florence and Fred Tesco tunic doesn't either - think cost is a factor, but not theonly one.

kateecass Tue 21-Dec-10 15:37:44

Uniqlo cashmere has bobbled. M&S one from couple of years back bobbled a bit to start but seems to have stopped.

SickOnMyShoulder Tue 21-Dec-10 17:49:01

my tesco cashmere hasn't bobbled, neither has my primark one from last year, so not a cost factor, maybe how you wash them? i hand wash mine

employmentlawquery Tue 21-Dec-10 18:12:50

I have a Scotch House ribbed black one that is 12 years old and has been worn tons. It hasn't bobbled at all.

minipie Tue 21-Dec-10 18:21:29

I was in Brora today as it happens and they had a little card saying bobbling is natural and inevitable (and they also say it actually improves the cashmere over time... hmmm)

that said, my Brora jumper has been worn to death and never bobbled. but then nor have my Gap cashmere jumpers.

Personally I think it's down to the density of the knit - very close compact knit tends not to bobble whereas looser knit does.

nomorecake Tue 21-Dec-10 21:15:36

i find all natural wool bobbles.

try a cashmere comb.

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