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Babyliss Big Hair setting off the smoke alarm

(4 Posts)
CarmelitaMiggs Mon 20-Dec-10 18:47:30

The smoke alarm is on the landing ceiling, and I stand on the landing to dry my hair.

I've tried three times with my brand-new Big Hair appliance (brainwashed by MN) and each time the alarm goes off within 30 secs. No smoke!

Anyone else having this? What could be the matter? Am I condemned to small hair forever?

brimfull Mon 20-Dec-10 20:50:50

Must admit I have seen steam coming off the brush,you'll have to find somewhere else to use it I think

mumto2andnomore Mon 20-Dec-10 20:52:05

Mine did this too ! Not the first couple of times I used it but did on Sunday, Ive moved to a room with no alarm to do my hair.

CarmelitaMiggs Wed 22-Dec-10 10:38:59

progress of sorts: alarm doesn't activate if I leave Big Hair on the lower heat setting

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